January 21, 2014

Yes, after one year I can say from experience, one can live in the city without a car JUST FINE.

Yes, I walk more.  Yes, I’ve learned the Metro Transit sytem is a great alternative to a car ESPECIALLY in this almost-old-fashioned winter of sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow.

Yes, car-sharing services are convenient and easily fill in for those times when the bus means multiple transfers.  Even this December/January, I will spend far less on Hour Car  than in my old auto life of monthly expenses from depreciation to insurance to garage rental, to gas, maintenance, and general parking fees.

Yes, sometimes it takes a little pre-planning but certainly not even the time one normally wastes at the service station or “circling” looking for a parking space.

As for those times I’d like the convenience of a cab without feeling robbed?  NOW THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY!  Case in point: returning to Minneapolis after the holidays, I chose to cab it from the airport instead of hopping on the light-rail – just because I was juggling a few more items.  Big mistake.  With tip, it was almost $60- more than it cost for the shuttle from Rochester to Minneapolis!  When one is used to light rail at 75 cents, $60 seemed astronomical!  I learned my lesson.

I admit, if cabs were more available, however, I would consider them an option home after an evening gathering…but the wait or the walk from wherever I am to a hotel nearby that MAY have a cab available usually means I am half way home before I find one…at that point, it is just much easier to keep on walkin’! 



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