January 17, 2014

Nice job on part of this year’s Board in reaching out to Minnesota ISES members over the last fifteen years; was great to see so many old friends from those days of BUILDING the chapter.

Unfortunately, not so good job of matching appropriate entertainment and sound levels to event purpose; nor of making adjustments as the space filled with murmuring complaints.  Nevertheless- a good “lesson learned” for the future and with a little perseverance, we were able to “overcome” and carry on!

So in spite of the sound barrier, the chapter Founders think we have finally sorted out and resolved the issue of how many of us were there and who were we!

The Chapter was founded by FOUR companies:  Creative Events by Kranz, Design Group, Destinations, and Mintahoe.  Part of a local group of event professionals active on the national level, we were determined to bring a chapter to Minnesota.

NEVERTHELESS, the actual “Perkins for Breakfast Group” numbered FIVE individuals:  Johlene Ihle from Mintahoe, Becky Harris from Destinations, Michelle Kramer and Diana Brash from Design Group(representing Nancy Jacobs), and Cheryl Kranz of Creative Events by Kranz. 

So perhaps we can put to bed this fifteen year debate of how many founders there were!  It depends – companies or people!

Past Presidents were recognized last night at the anniversary event – but only totaled 12 names – creating additional questions.  Jolene shed some light on part of that:  Because of the timing of when we reached the magic number of 30 and were officially chartered by ISES National President, Tim Lundy, at the Goodfellows event hosted by Mark Grassini, the first year covered TWO years.  Becky Harris, the first President served an 18 month term instead of a 12 month term.  That helps explain the discrepancy, but we still could not get to 14 names of Presidents…so that remains an open question.

And one more time, hope your ears were buzzing, Mark Grassini, as attending members of the original Programs Committee (Jolene, Jean, Cheryl) reminisced about how effectively we delivered on our “TWO STANDARD OBJECTIVES” for every chapter meeting in those 18 months, more than once we shared stories of our favorite “Ring Master” and comments  of “ wish Mark was here”!





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  1. Turns out Craig Oliver also served 2 years…..:-)

    Thank you,

    Susan Diamond, CSEP Jigsaw Unlimited 2904 Raleigh Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55416

    952-926-4411 952-926-4660 fax


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