January 6, 2014

Despite being raised in a home deeply divided on the issue of color and race, my first political leanings were toward the Democrats.  In the 1950s when I learned in school that the Southern “Dixiecrats” were ejected from the Democratic party, I thought, “Good, if the Democrats took a stand against this evil, then I want to be one. “  At the same time, however, with the simple reasoning of a child, I was really confused about why these people were given a new home among the Republicans.  If the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves, why were 1950-60s Southern Republicans so mean to the Negroes?  The whole thing was totally confusing to me- especially since my view of the South was the view of Tara as painted in Gone with the Wind!

Unfortunately, all these years later, with a lot more knowledge, a lot more debate, the Civil Rights Act, an African-American President, and a prediction for my metro area up here in Minnesota- the northern-most state in the first 48 – that by 2040, our population mix will reverse and whites will become a minority group-nothing has really changed. 

It seems we hear every day of another example of the residual trash that was not taken care of in the Civil War or in the ensuing 150 years that followed as non-whites in the US struggled to become “treated as equals”.

Nevertheless, It has taken me a lifetime to really understand that the white supremists-by any political name-are simply in-bred, self-righteous people who NO MATTER WHAT, believe they are superior to the rest of the world.  Today they reside primarily in the Republican Party.   I believe they still reside there because Republicans have elected to accept their support –not on principle-but in order to win. It’s a familiar theme.  WINNING IS EVERYTHING AT ALL COSTS.

So here we are STILL battling the problem.

But there is good news as well for those of us non-Republicans.  Instead of political affiliation or emotion, we now have supporting non-political research results that show the tougher Voter ID laws are part of a GOP strategy to win the 2014 election by keeping minority and low income voters away from the polls “despite the fact that widespread voter impersonation is virtually non-existent.”

In fact, what that research did reveal is the strong correlation between restrictive new laws and states where the Republicans control the legislature/governor’s offices- helping to expose this is indeed a Republican movement.

My original question based on Lincoln has faded away.  No longer a youthful innocent, I can almost accept that Republicans know voter impersonation is non-existent but it does not matter.  If constituents believe it, and laws are passed to suppress this nonexistent crime, Republicans have a better chance of winning.

No, my questions today are not about principle.  My new paradox is how do these people reconcile this white supremest position with their “strong Christian faith”? 

Have they ever been to the Holy Land…visited Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee, Egypt?  How do they reconcile their good Christian views with reality?  The people they see living there were not white 2000 years ago and now have just overdone their “tans” today.  Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the Three Wise Men from the Orient,  the Twelve Disciples, or Mary Magdalene, Lazarus or Paul were not white nor were they speaking English with southern drawls.

Is their reality totally supported only from medieval religious paintings from the King James version of the Bible?


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