December 13, 2013


I’ve been on a temporary hiatus (I hope) from writing this month as the unseasonal cold front has wreaked havoc with my hands.  I cannot hold a pen very well, and my mismatched stents create such a mess with misspellings and striking the wrong keys that it is a challenge just to keep up with client needs so the rest of my life has simply gone on hold.  


Those that know me well, know I love Christmas….Generally my house is filled from late November to February 1 with crystal, brass and china ornaments and décor that  declare December  to be a celebration of the Christian faith….not many Santas in my house, but generally it is filled with angels and nativities everywhere. Not this year.  I am trying hard to be rational and not sad that it is physically impossible to put up my two Christmas trees (one for birds, and one for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.)

No Christmas cards went winging out to friends and family this year.  A bit too much pain and the need to be functional for the client project I am immersed in made me convince myself to save my hands.

I miss the big tree, but even more, I miss the rainbows that wrap me in hope as the sun shines on the Swarovski stars and snowflakes that normally dress my windows.

Facing the holidays without a car is the first time in twelve months that I have missed it.  No visit to the Arboretum this year; no evening concerts away from downtown area; no local pageants, no visit to Penumbra, and no early tour to Bachman’s, and frankly, I have not even made my usual visits to  Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Walker and “Dayton’s”  8th Floor Auditorium.  Had the weather not been so cold, I may have ventured out to embrace some of those traditions, but as luck would have it, my right leg is also taking a break from functioning…and even my new acquisition of the walking stick does not give me the confidence that I would not fall again.

I try to focus on this simply being a change in traditions and not a disaster, but there are days that I fail  as I prepare myself for possibility that if it remains so cold, I physically may not be able to do the train/shuttle home for Christmas in Rochester-although I have not given up yet .  That and no Christmas Day with my sister and her extended family makes me all the more thankful I made the CMG Travel Ladies event at Lynn Arnold’s this week – it may indeed be the one celebration of the holiday for me-although I hope not. 

 I have not given up yet, as Sonja has offered to make me new stents if I make it home- and just maybe, it will warm up enough to create some relief from the pain and I can maneuver a suitcase and myself to make the trip.

Or maybe I will reach the point that it will be okay not to go and if it is warmer, I can make my hands work and take advantage of any mobility I have to use it to clean the house as a Christmas gift from me to me!  It’s beginning to look like it snowed INSIDE for all the dust that has gathered! 

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