November 25, 2013


Yesterday, I had yet another “I am my mother” feeling and I am sad.

I have debated and debated with myself and I just cannot do it.  I can’t rent a car, go to my storage site, struggle through locating all my Christmas décor…cart it all back in two trips and then begin the week-long process of transforming my house into my favorite time of year.

I hurt too much, I don’t have stents that work on my hands right now, and I am afraid that with the demands of BSCI project heating up…even if I could get this done, I would be living with it until after May 15.

And most who know me know what I feel about Christmas.  If you cannot wait to take your décor down until the Epiphany and the Magi arrive from the East, then in my mind you are suspect.   At worst, you become part of the St. Nicholas/Santa Claus crowd….not Christians celebrating the birth of Christ; at best, I am sorry you were never taught that the 12 days of Christmas does not end until Epiphany on January 6.  

In fact, I tend to be “up” Thanksgiving weekend; down by Dad’s birthday or at the latest Feb 1.  And this year I don’t think I can comply.

So, the logical solution is to leave it alone.  Go to Rochester for Thanksgiving.  Come back and switch out the Fall décor…and maybe when I am at the storage site, bring back a few things for the Holidays but skip the tree.  I know that is the SMART thing to do.  The question is can I discipline myself to do the SMART THING?

Truthfully, I am not liking this aging thing at all.  And finally, I understand how hard it was for my mother to make that decision the first time around.  Until now, I remembered only the sadness I felt when I went HOME for Christmas that first time she did not have a tree– only to find that Christmas was not there – at least not in physical décor.  The red candy dish, a few candles, holiday cards in a bowl, and a lot of Christmas cookies and fruitcake wwere not a celebration to me.  Too late, I am so sorry to admit that I had no idea how painful that decision was for her and why she made it.

And, for today at least, I am not keeping “Holiday Décor”on my to-do list….as I finally understand. I can only hope that, I too- like my mom-will learn that the joy really comes from being with family to celebrate a special time of the year.  


Or does it? 

Six months is a nano-second measured against almost forty years of NO INTERACTION, fear, and threat of war in the Mideast.

Only a fool or a politician hoping to use it as an issue to save a seat in Congress would question an interim agreement with Iran that COULD lead to a larger win for the world.

Had we allowed just six months of cool-down and inspections back in 2003, JUST THINK how many American lives would have been different…as we might have avoided so many deaths and so many, many, more physical and mental injuries. 

Have we really become a country where a single seat in Congress with its prestige, health benefits, salary, long term pension and constant ‘Moments of Fame” from the Press means so much more to those very few of us that become national political lifers that one would sacrifice yet another generation to keep your seat?

You naysayers and Netanyahu do not rule the world – thank goodness.  And to use North Korea as your ONLY defense of your position  is abominable.  Ask yourself this question:  If you had two sons who were following a path towards lawlessness and one killed someone, would you dis-own them both?  Or, would you work harder to save the other?


Of course I knew Delaware was a favorite site for American corporations to file for incorporation.  But, silly me, I have never questioned why.  I simply assumed it must be less expensive.

This morning I learned how wrong I was to be so cynical.  In fact, 50% of publicly traded companies and several hundred thousand private firms are incorporated in Delaware because of its well-developed body of company law and the expertise of the judges.  Good to know.

And the Supreme Court of Cancery in Delaware that hears business cases is due for a new Chief Justice.

The two front-runner contenders are Carolyn Berger and Leo Strine.  Good, I thought – a woman.  Then I read a bit about Leo Strine-apparently a boy-legal wonder as he was only 29 when he became chief counsel to the Governor of Delaware.  He is neither pro-shareholders nor pro-management but  is sometime criticized for judicial decorum.  I had to chuckle when I read why – he “once described a business spat as a ‘drunken WASP-fest.’ ”   Hmmm.  A State Supreme Court Judge that does not seem to fear showing he is human.   This could be fun to watch unfold.


Thanksgiving time is always filled with so many questions for me.  When do I leave; how long can I stay; how can I help; what do I bring?  And this year, it seemed to get more complicated.  My sister-in-law is fresh out of rehab with a walker; it’s time for tradition to change again.

And then I laughed when I said AGAIN.  Really?  The last Thanksgiving I remember that was not at Gordon and Virginia’s was at my mom and dad’s…in the unfinished basement on 3rd Street, at the square oak table that had a million leaves so it could become a Threshing Crew table I think….a little scary as that basement was where the SPIDERS lived, after all, so you had to keep a watchful eye out all through the meal so that one of those ugly things did not sneak up on you! 

We had an old stove down there and the freezer was an old-ice cream shop style that became a place to stack serving bowls that did not fit on the table.  We washed dishes in the laundry tubs.   I was not too old; the last picture I have of that timeframe was me in jeans and an ugly striped t-shirt with a dish-cloth wrapped around by head – Aunt Jemima-style, but I thought it was fashionable for some unknown reason- a little David peering around an adult, no Lisa –but maybe she was in the highchair, a newborn or maybe not even born yet ….all ways to say a very LONG TIME AGO!  And then shortly thereafter, we started going to Gordon’s.

But when do I go to Rochester is always a concern.  This year, I was going on Monday afternoon and returning Friday so I could help.  Then it changed and Linda and Jeff are now hosting-a momentous shift to the next generation!  

Then I decided not to go at all as rental cars were all booked in downtown; and limited funds meant if I went, I would not even have bus money left in my bank account when I return.  I was cursing my “can you survive without a car” experiment and was about ready to call Virginia to tell her I would not make it this year. Then Lisa connected and saved the day.  She is indeed flying home; will pick me up on Wednesday early afternoon and we will head to Rochester. So all is well with the world, and I am giving thanks for Lisa – my oldest niece, who is always looking out for her OLD aunt!

I think I will be glad when this holiday is OVER and I can return to my own little world where I think of myself as one of the two “little” sisters – which in my mind means NOT in my 60s – maybe in my 30s at most  !  🙂



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