November 8, 2013

And it is only a week old!    So many good birthday wishes from friends and family; an election that I think moved for the most part in the right direction; as of today, maybe I can stop the antibiotics I have been on and let my brain clear up; we kicked off a new project for a favorite client with their internal core team yesterday; I welcomed back the T-wolves and the Vikes even won a game. 

 All that mixed in with a few frowns as my injuries from the fall and sprawl on Washington Avenue a couple weeks ago were made worse with not one but TWO falls this week trying to negotiate the icy bridges across the river.  My new walking stick did not save me as it had not been “winterized” but at least it helped me get up from the bridge decks AFTER the falls; and of course, there is a big frown that my friend Meg did not get re-elected in her ward.

 News that our friend Beth is realizing her own long-time dreams and leaving Minneapolis  behind for a warmer climate was another sweet-and-salty moment.  I am happy for her, but thinking back on the thirty years since we first met also reminded me of so many others from that incubator of 17 that grew to 55 in just 12 months and launched us all along new pathways in our lives.  Many, of course, are still in my life; but several connections are infrequent, some have disappeared, and thoughts of Wayne and Sharon’s passing still make me sad.

All that and a weekend ahead to clean up major chaos on my desk, pay attention to some financial matters, and maybe even clean house and put away the Jack-o-lantern still smiling in my window!

“Youth, Diversity Win”…

…shouted the headlines on Wednesday as a new iteration of “Father Knows Best” was put to rest; Minneapolitans recognized MSP THRIVE 2040 and took significant steps to start the adjustments and prepare our metro area for the future.  I’m sure that is making more than a few “old, white boomers” anxious, but for me, it was a great affirmation of what I have been sharing in many a blog!

For MSP, a female mayor is not news; we have done it before successfully but this feels like we will be opening a new door as we move forward with Betsy Hodges.  And reflecting our diversity and 21st century thinking of the young was huge overall.  This week we all got a glimpse into our future and it is transformational.

MN Education – On the Move”…

…A big shout-out for improved education in Minnesota!

  • Almost 90% of school districts got go-aheads on referendums –the highest ever recorded since tracking started!
  • Fifty of fifty-seven districts approved operating levies
  • Twenty-three of twenty-six school districts approved capital bond levies

All that and $500 million in new education funding approved by the MN Legislature may be a sufficient “wave” to turn this Education Ship around!

If your district falls in the  10-12% of nay-sayers, if I were you, I’d move!


MSP Arts and Culture Program …

…headed by Robyne Robinson made me smile.  The international exposure to our regional arts community by placing art at the airport is good thinking and a worthy goal, but for me, it was a personal YES!  After years and years of airport after airport throughout the US and around the world, there is nothing I dread more than being in one.  So a plan to warm up the coldness with the warmth and emotion of art is a wonderful idea.

For me, this is another example that Creative Place-Making is becoming – not just an emerging idea – but a MOVEMENT! 



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