October 26, 2013

I soooo  need to make good use of this last weekend  of October with sunshine and “fairly” good temperatures to RESET myself to keep pushing forward.  We have a great new opportunity with a client to push the envelope –one more time- to redefine “Meetings and Events”.  Normally, that is energizing.  Right now I just feel “scattered”.

 I have spent two weeks, distracted and unfocused on the task at hand as I let the world around me interject a lot of disrupting “noise”.  Another fall, a good bit of pain, the loss of one of my custom hand splints, (now HOW can that happen in my tiny little space?) concerns about unhealthy family members, remorse that I cannot be in Rochester to lend a hand, lingering thoughts of maybe It’s time to wish MSP goodbye and return to my roots- but  with no network, could I continue to work, my almost empty checkbook with two months to go before it is “reinforced”, and maybe with my defenses already down, I have let in a little bit TOO MUCH of that dislike of Halloween that always surfaces this time of year! J or is it just because I am deviating from plan, and I have not yet tackled my third quarter financials and the END of October is in sight!  Whatever it is, I need a reset to fight that depression I call the “Kranz disease” made worse by  a whole new worry….how old was my sister when she first started presenting symptoms of her dementia …and am I scattered because I, too,  am destined to suffer a similar fate? 

So, this needs to be a memorable, sunshiny weekend filled with positive vibes and energy that allows me time to reset my course by Monday – as well as spend some needed time at my desk focusing on the project at hand!  Any good vibes sent my way will be appreciated and put to GOOD USE!


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