October 26, 2013


Think about that.  If you were failing at your job, should you be maintained by your employer because it is the BEST you can do?  Or would you understand if you were released from employment so that you could move on to find something that you could do well and your employer could also find someone to better fit the parameters of the job?

That is a basic principle of business.  Define a need; write a job description; outline requirements, and prioritize those responsibilities and needs.  Then recruit, interview, hire and monitor results against expectations on an annual basis.

This morning I learned that Paul Ryan and Harry Reid agree:  There will be no coming together on a United States budget; the BEST they can do is to perhaps take a small step to reduce slightly the impact of sequestration!

I believe I am recalling correctly that the Federal Budget is a top priority responsibility of Congress outlined in Article I of the US Constitution.

 If Congressional leaders, members and staff cannot accomplish what we pay them WELL to do- (remember the figures of $170K/annually, lifelong healthcare and retirement benefits)-then is it time we the public OWN UP to making some significant hiring mistakes?  

I think it is time to review the Job Descriptions, make any agreed-upon adjustments, give official notice to these folks they have  been granted a probationary time to improve , while at the same time,  we take the initial steps to start looking for and recruiting talent that match the needs  that have been so defined by the founding fathers and  recommitted to by the  majority of the people  in 2012.

That’s what I would have been expected to do in my twenty-five years in the corporate world; that is what I do on a smaller scale in my small business. 

Unless you are an HR person, no one likes to write, review, redefine job descriptions.  No one likes to prepare for and participate in Annual Reviews, and no one likes to get bad marks and that discussion of improve or you are gone and no one likes to start the cycle all over again whether you are the employer OR the employee.  But that’s life. And that is what needs to be done here.   

THE BEST THEY CAN DO is not good enough.


The STRIB Front Page Headline reads “Germany, France want new spying ground rules” with a tone that the Press loves to reinforce….even our friends have lost their trust and yet the reality appears  to be that what they want is the same kind of relationship we have with the Brits, Canadians, and other English-speaking countries.  It’s one of those mutual trust/mutual respect issues …”we will both quit spying on each other”.  From my perspective, wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction?  But meanwhile, we are all in a frenzy that Obama (my, but he is a powerhouse to be able by himself to create all this mischief:-) is so terrible that he has EU allies concerned and distrustful.  Seems to me, if BOTH parties are spying, we are BOTH distrustful.  So ever the optimist, I take the stand this a good thing- but probably not something that was planned.

 However, now that concern has arisen, I am in agreement that we need a sensible review of the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which was written in 1966 and came into force in 1976.   That was before the internet or the now all-encompassing Digital World.  It is an acknowledgement of that world and the fact the rules have changed and is perhaps the nudge that is needed to start shutting the door on the 20th century and putting our heads together to RETHINK the 21st!



Is a topic outlined in “Top News” on the front page, and there it is on Page Three – Russians ask for teamwork and US help…

And guess what they need us for?   They need help in identifying threats and keeping the Olympics safe.

To be fair, Russia is reaching out to US and 80 other countries to help them identify threats from abroad.  Most worrisome are the Russian militants that are fighting in Syria along with Al-Qaida.  They are expected to return home well trained in Al-Qaida ways…thereby adding to the problems the Russians are already having, battling extremists in the North Caucasus.

As it turns out, the US and Russians started discussing this at the time the Chechens wreaked havoc on the Boston Marathon.   Putin/Obama agreed to intensify security cooperation for the Games and we will send an undisclosed number of Diplomatic Security agents to Sochi to help ensure safety of American athletes and corporate sponsors.

My mind connects the two situations.   More fodder to make NSA such a difficult issue with no right answers when judged by 20th century principles in a 21st century world.  Maybe all this represents the “growing pains” of reinvention for a new world and how we will balance going forward security vs. privacy issues. .


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