October 25, 2013

And if I thought I was confused about the NSA activities on October 23, today it gets worse!

First I read that “all countries” listen in on each other and that while it appears several European countries are quite upset with the US for doing so, others in the same group admit they assume at least six foreign countries are listening in on their calls at any one time and in fact, frequently spread misinformation – just to add to the confusion of all this. And from there, one commentator today explained the whole crisis is because Obama insists on having a Blackberry when he was told he could not have one.

Then I read all my worrying over drone strikes in Pakistan and the repeated denouncing of same by the Pakistanis is also somewhat of a ruse. In fact, Pakistan secretly endorses the program which they were aware of from its inception, and they get classified briefings on strikes planned, implemented and casualty counts.

So my question for the day is:

If I pinch myself, will I wake up to discover that I fell asleep in a bad movie fifteen years ago and all of this back and forth is just a dream ?

No wonder I am confused about where I stand on all of this.

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