September 22, 2013


I am with Claire McCaskill on this one – Get RID of USIS/Altegrity….it wouldn’t take much to find a better way.  They definitely have some flaws in their system.   Two strikes just this summer…the third one may put us ALL out!


Of course McConnell is emerging already as the leader in the EPA fight regarding coal mining-what else would we think would happen- it’s Kentucky after all, land of moonshine, horses, McConnell ,and coal.

A responsible person could not look themselves in the mirror after proclaiming “The President is leading a war on coal and what that really means is a war on jobs.”

Kentucky has had years and years to prepare.  Other states have made improvements.  Minnesota banned new coal-fired plants in 2007 and existing coal plants are slowly being retired.  But good old Kentucky was– “CAUGHT by surprise”.

A an appeal to the Press; please do not rationalize McConnell’s behavior  by telling us one more time he is fighting for his seat against the Tea Party.  Neither he nor the Tea Party deserve to win.


I don’t know the answers but I do know how I feel about it.   

It’s pretty simple.  Anyone who owns a gun has a RESPONSIBILITY to this country to become part of the solution, not just the basis of the problem. And that does not mean ”easy-chair commanders in chief” getting their briefings from TV and Fox news.

Perhaps in the short term, we share ideas on how we can best shift responsibility for finding the solution to the gun owners –as well as penalties if they cannot come up with an equitable solution. We may just find a ‘new” perspective in this battle that ultimately rescues our country from this madness.


I read the first paragraph describing tactics used at a Navy rape hearing, and my stomach churned.

This is not only more proof that the military justice system MUST be reviewed and revised; but as I read about the three accused rapists, I could not help but think – not only does this show total disrespect for the woman and victim, but I could not help but think – how much of the situation was allowed because they were also jocks and football players for the naval academy?




No matter who the leader is, they are all bellicose- this time it is once again Netanyahu playing the bully role.  “The Iranians are engaged in a media spin in order to keep the centrifuges spinning.”   Really, do we need him butting in right now?

Who knows…perhaps this is a part of wide-ranging plan to keep Iran off-kilter but I tend to think it’s not.  I believe that  – like the spoiled child- Netanyahu was not getting enough attention so he had to “act out” so the world does not overlook HIM.

As both Syria and Iran take the spotlight at the UN next week, it doesn’t appear at least on the surface that that comment was warranted.   I know, we are all proceeding with caution, and I would be surprised if we ended up with a MAJOR world peace agreement…but with a little bit of luck, perhaps we could achieve some first small steps.  So my “gut feel” is if there is the least chance at all for that to happen, Israel’s blustering needs to be controlled.


As I wrote this, a ceremony was taking place at Como Park Visitors Center.  Former Marine Captain Amdahl returned a Japanese sword he obtained in Nagasaki to the grandson of the owner Tadahiro Matomurz.  Amdahl’s ship was delayed at sea, as Nagasaki was bombed in WWII.  He discovered the sword in a warehouse full of swords…and brought it back to the US as a “souvenir”.  Eventually, he decided it should be returned and after a long search, the grandson was found and is here to accept it.  The keynote speaker at the ceremony is Clifton Truman Daniel – the grandson of Harry Truman.   Almost 70 years after the fact, the sword will go home to Japan.


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