September 22, 2013

Friday night was a nightmare revisited as MSNBC aired a program entitled “Hubris – Selling the Iraq War”.   It has taken me 40 hours since watching it before I got over being sick about what it confirmed and could finally think through what that special was telling us.

It confirmed everything many of us were following in the lead up to the Iraqi War INCLUDING the search for a reason to start a war that dates back to before 9-11.  And along with that, it confirmed- not that we were right, but that those who disagreed and called us out-making fun of how stupid we were or worse -were the wrong-doers.  For me, in some cases that meant a loss of friendships that dated back to my youth.

The slime was even worse the second time around  because instead of just having “doubts”, watching the marketing campaign for “The Product” unfold, we cannot deny our doubts today; we know for a fact that the country and the world were duped.  And believe me, it does not help to be one of the few who disagreed with that war.  One still feels guilty that we, as intelligent citizens, were not able to stop this evil generated from within our own government.

We are still focusing around the world in finding “Nazi War Criminals” and bringing them to “Justice” over 70 years since the start of World War II.   Why, here in Minnesota , a 90+ year old man was just recently “outted” for being a young soldier in a German Army that committed atrocities in that war.  

And yet dating from 2001, people I consider “American  War Criminals” that planned the devastation in Iraq created by “The Product” still roam this earth as free men.  Can someone tell me why this makes sense?

I know, I am being a little facetious, but really, folks – this was a President, a Vice President, and several other cabinet members and key staff that carefully planned to dupe America and our UN allies into agreeing to go to war with false accusations.

And yes, 13 years later, the American public is saying…not again! 

But who is being punished because of it?  Not those who were responsible; instead  the party at fault has chosen to hold accountable one of the few who disbelieved the marketing campaign and voted NO to  going to war with Iraq.  So for five years, they have waged a publicity campaign against Barak Obama – who has spent five years trying to RIGHT the evil done in the previous Administration.

And yes, some of you are saying- this is not the first time the country has not had the truth, so what’s the big deal.  Indeed, in the back of my mind, a nagging thought keeps telling me that those not strong enough to face their mistakes, do often project the negative outcomes onto others around them.  But knowing that does not help.

So in my mind, we let the crimes continue.  We once were a functioning country whose citizens had faith in their elected leadership.  We once were a country that trusted our Congressional leaders to disagree, discuss, and move forward together.  Today many of us find most of our Congress simply a drain on the economy. 

It’s been hard to see the “Dream” crumble.  So instead of entitling this “A nightmare revisited”, I guess I should have said – “The Nightmare Continues.” 

I am so sorry this has happened to our country and none of us who knew better could stop it.


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