August 30, 2013

Missouri’s current movement to nullify all federal gun laws in their set me off this morning. Yes, I know, Missouri did not actually JOIN the Confederacy; but it was indeed represented by those that did, and this morning, sitting here reading the paper, I had had it.

The repulsion I have for the South began in my youth…first in grade school when I learned of slavery and the civil war; and second in the 60s when Civil Rights for the Negro became “my cause”.  In the 50 years since, the knowledge that white male supremacy was alive and well in the south has often made me ponder why we continue to fight this battle.  Deep down, I know that 150 years after the Civil War, nothing has changed; and nothing will in the future.  Angry old white men teach their youth to think like them and perpetuate the problem.

So over and over, I ask myself…what if?  What if they went away?   Think about how we would benefit if they all just went away!

Southern states get more aid from the US Government than they pay in in taxes.  So if indeed, they went away, would there be money for better schools and better infrastructure in the North?

What if we relocated those federal military installations back into Northern states?  Would there be more income generated in communities to which they were re-located?  If the southern states were no longer part of the US, I suppose we would have to maintain some military presence below the Mason-Dixon line, but surely, the majority of the benefit would tilt back to those states that pay taxes to support the bases.

US businesses with branches in the south need more thought.  I am not well-versed in the corporate off shore tax laws but we keep hearing, those law need review and revision, so perhaps we could influence  northern corporations to withdraw from the South, if there was enough incentive.  And of course, with more jobs up north, the African-Americans employed for cheap in those down south factories might follow the factories north.  It might be safer.

We would need to focus some efforts to capitalize on the brain power that may prefer to move North. I have got to believe that we could invent some sort of a system that would allow multi-cultural, women and GLBT that live there to keep US citizenship if they move north since they are citizens now. 

We most likely would need to build a few more east-west interstate arteries, but think of all the money saved by cost-avoidance of maintaining roads for these people…especially when they seem to favor those old dirt roads they had per-Eisenhower anyway- I think it reminds them of “Gone With The Wind.”

Understand, I surely do recognize there are many Southern whites that are loyal US Citizens, and I recognize they would be negatively impacted.  What if we gave them the task of creating the process.  They could build in ways to relocate to a better place – or stay and build their new country.

And then- what if we looked at this in a historical perspective?  Throughout all time, empires collapse….and yet, Great Britain and Japan have remained powerful US allies – despite all the rebellious folks breaking off to form their own countries.  There might be a lesson learned there if we look at it in the right perspective. 

The snowbirds are another issue to deal with.  They retire and establish residency in the South to avoid taxes in their home states.   Ideally, we freeze the border and make them reapply for residency in our country…as immigrants if you will.  But what if we agree to let them back in and restore their citizenship in their home state if they pay all back state taxes. 

In other words, we have been taking care of these folks for 150 years…and like parents of juvenile delinquents, there comes a time when the parent has had enough.   Those parent issue an ultimatum:

Grow Up

Accept Responsibility

Honor the Rules of the Family

Contribute, or

Get Out!

Some would call that “tough love”.  I would call it Good Riddance.  Nevertheless, its only a fantasy….unfortunately for all of us.



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