August 23, 2013

A over-scheduled week and a less than cooperative client contributed this week to an overflowing section on my desk filled with notes and what ifs and post its that are reminding me to follow-up and get more information.  It also left a pile of clippings from the STRIB to think about – “later”.   So it’s later and I am cleaning them up.


There was a great article in the STRIB entitled “Dream of Wild Health Farms.”  It helped me get through the week and brought back fond memories of the team involved in “Telling Native River Stories”…and visions of Alameda and Mona, whose monthly infusion of wisdom and passion I truly miss.


More bridge cracks were found on a 35W bridge…the concern for safety trumps all but the good news is the cracks were found before another bridge fell down. And MAYBE it ultimately can serve as a lesson learned to those nay-sayers across the Minnesota River to our south.  Maintenance on your criss-crossing highways and freeways need to be paid for by someone.  From my perspective – you use; you pay.   Because, if you continue to use and don’t pay, the bridge falls down and you pay a far greater price than tax assessments.


The recognition that the “invincibility” of youth needs to be addressed is a promising sign in the MNsure campaign now being released.

I continued to think I was invincible until the day I was distracted, move one foot six inches, lost my balance and fell off a stage platform unto a brick floor.

Doctor bills that quickly gobbled up insurance benefits and thirty years of retirement savings left me with daily chronic pain and knowledge of how quickly one’s life is changed.  And the ten year battle back after I resumed working could not change the fact that for the last 18 months, I have suffered from and continue to doctor for long term results of that fall that are only recently manifesting themselves.

So I am looking forward to the launch and am so hoping it does indeed catch the attention of our youth and remind them they are not invincible; nor is there ever enough money to get you through the  medical crisis you may encounter.  Be prepared. 


This week, we are investigating the owner of Vikings after he’s been proven guilty of crimes in another state; the Wild co-owner admits wrong doing and “settles with the SEC for $18 million; and oh yes, it seems finance and taxes of the Pohlads are also being questioned in terms of the Twins.  Three of our professional sports teams make the news in the midst of the national activity where one sports hero after another is being put on probation for cheating, lying and drug abuse.

Perhaps it is time to give a little more thought to the philosophy that sports heroes and involvement in sports as it stands today develops better citizens in our youth.   I fear good citizenship has indeed been trumped by fortune, fame and a big win.  No, I am not saying sports program are not good; I am saying perhaps we need to focus on the adults  that have let those kids down…the owners, and players and coaches and parents who put “Winning is Everything” first.


“After issuing  more frac sand mining permits than any other county in Minnesota or Wisconsin over the past 36 months, Trempealeau Country will take a hiatus of one year to consider possible adverse health effects on citizens.”

I am trying to see that in a positive light- although I fear it could be too little too late.

 We cannot put back the beauty of the “drift-less” area; nor can we replenish aquifers, but MAYBE we can keep an eye (and the pressure) on www.silicasand.mn.gov and its links to EQB, DNR, PCA and Departments of Health, Transportation and Agriculture and what Governor Dayton and current legislators are doing to ensure  the “adverse effect  [of  fracking] on water, air, noise conditions, lighting conditions, the stability of communities and other measures important to the health and safety of county residents” are heard, reviewed and dealt with appropriately!





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