July 23, 2013

I was beginning to think I was wrong about my concern over closing Portland and Park as proposed (and apparently approved by City, at least) in the East Downtown Ryan Plan….

Then, Tom Borrup’s  Letter to the Editor this am renewed my faith that this indeed is cause for concern – with examples tried “from Thunder Bay to Tulsa – along with Minneapolis- [which} produced disastrous results.”

One meeting I attended, I heard the closing approval will be a country decision…Is there any hope they will say NO?

We already have a major traffic “cluster—“ caused by recent changes that impact Hennepin and First Avenue, as well as several cross streets  that are impossible to navigate most of the day and certainly from 3:30PM-6:30PM.  Are we creating more chaos?

We are in process of major changes on several streets and roads from Washington Ave to adding new northbound access to 35W from 4th Street, closing 5th street exit from freeway and adding a new exit pathway .

One HOPES these are carefully thought-through and coordinated remedies to existing problems but I fear we could be trading one mess for another.  How does one ensure that city/county/state and federal are all in sync on this?

Senator Klobachar just was here showing off collaborative efforts resulting  in the 35W bridge rebuild…was that an anomaly, or can it be a model?

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