July 3, 2013


They start here on the river today; continue throughout tomorrow and end with the Red White and Boom tomorrow night.  Come on down!


More guns are being found at airport security lately and not surprising, airports in the south and west had the greatest number.  But of course they would.  The Cowboys still need protection against the Indians, cattle wrestlers and the Mexicans, don’t they?  As for the Southern Rebels – why they are still waiting for a Confederate flag to fly above them to signal the next charge up the hill!…or maybe that’s unfair. Perhaps they are simply waiting for the mess Martin Luther King stirred up to just settle down so they can get back Southern life the way they liked it.

But seriously folks, am I the only one asking why no fuss is made about this?  I’ve spent a lifetime flying around in my day and mostly I objected to the inconvenience but today, I simply just despise the process (and the cost J).  And it’s idiots like gun carrying fools that make it so.


We knew it was coming, and right on schedule, the Republicans looking for something – anything- to stick as a scandal, have now grabbed onto the lifeline of the ATF Nomination.

I don’t remember much about this guy when he was in Minnesota; but I know we are not hearing of inexcusable incidents as he performs the duties of acting – ATF head, so suspicious person that I am, I expect this is one more attempt to unearth a scandal….that just maybe will backfire and put the nail in the coffin of the Repos. 

I am trying my best to give them slack – as I know cornered wild animals are dangerous and we are certainly seeing the evidence of that as they fight ferociously to block this appointment, to dig up scandals, to point the finger of blame at ANYTHING but the image they see in the mirror!  No one did this TO them.  They did it to themselves by acting as the bullies in the sandbox at grade school – because they lost the Presidential Election in 2008…and instead of trying to listen to what those that elected them want them to do, they started kicking up the sand in everyone’s eyes.

Every day they prove to those of us that have become students of needs and actions unique to serve successfully in the changing world of the 21st century – that they should no longer be considered a viable alternative to the Democrats…they simply do not have the understanding or the skills of what is needed, expected, nor desired in any adult – let alone those we elect to represent us-in this new age.


What I will never understand about Bradley Manning is his timing.  The war-mongers had just been defeated; Bush and the neo-cons were out; Obama who was against the war was “in” and already moving to develop a schedule to leave Afghanistan.  Why didn’t Manning voice his concerns to the new government leaders trying to put an end to what had been done?

Oh yes, then  there is that part about passing information to Osama bin Laden- evidence of which eventually was FOUND on computers in the bin Laden complex just last year.  So from that, do we assume he admired bin Laden’s work on 9-11? Or should I assume perhaps he was just another fame seeker?  I admit, I simply do not understand the workings of minds like these guys.

Nevertheless, in recent days I heard someone declare on a news program that Manning “received terrible treatment in military custody” and that treatment was part of the justification for Snowden to flee the country – for fear he, too, would be held “naked in a cell” for days or weeks or months.

So someone tell me if this is a fact or more fiction!  I have not done a fact-check but surely this would have surfaced before now.  Of course with the love of the Republicans for war and the military, perhaps it did not surface if true, because they saw nothing wrong with it.   Or maybe it surfaced and was remedied or was a Republican continuation of what we had seen in the Iraq War.  Who knows.

But I hardly think it is justification for Snowden in any case.


So today we learned Target will not feature a special partner in their Christmas merchandising-apparently based on the failure of Neiman Marcus relationship last year.

Really?  What were they thinking when they did that in the first place? Whatever it was, I thought then, and apparently was correct that it was not a fit.

The mystic of Neiman’s (at least in Minnesota and based on my personal experiences here and  in Chicago) begins with their catalog.  It is the Grand Dame of all “direct mail” pieces.  It arrives, and the recipient is immediately drawn into a fairy tale world of luxury.  The photography is great; the layout is great; the experience is magical.  The desire to experience the story being told is not even necessarily related to a desire or wish to own the merchandise!  The photography, the copy, the layout and the wonderful array of quality –often, one-of-a-kind items-enchants and immediately transports the reader to Dreamland. It is a wonderful “mental vacation” from whatever you find yourself in the midst of when it arrives in your mailbox.

And the stores?  They, too, generally reinforce a world we only dream about – a bit like the memory I have of the old Minneapolis Wenders! 

For years, I was a catalog customer and occasional buyer so I looked forward to the store opening in Minneapolis.  I often visited for a dose of the feel-good dream, but rarely bought, as I had long since left the corporate world, had definitely downsized my entertaining, and had little need or money for the product.  But I was still  addicted to the mental experience.

So despite my brain telling me the Target Store would be a misfit and the engaging experience would be lost, I looked forward to seeing how Target would integrate it. 

Uggghhh!  Did some items squished into the Target floor plan accompanied by throngs of bargain shoppers pawing through racks knocking items off hangers – all in a hurry; all whom had left manners at home coupled with the ambient “noise” of a Target store and those disappearing red and khaki-clad sales personnel create the same ambience of a Neiman store or even the catalog of dreams?  Of course not.

Don’t get me wrong.  Target is great.  I am a fan and frequent shopper.  Are they Neiman’s? – Hardly! But trying to be cutting edge by mixing oil and water tells me the Target marketing folks were new or desperate.


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