May 28, 2013


So more thoughts of the day instead of a walk this morning:


Interesting McCain secretly went off to Syria; can’t wait to hear his “spin” on what he learned.  Too bad he did not stop in Iraq on the way home to admire all the “good work” we accomplished there.  1150 killed this April-May alone.  But maybe I am just being suspicious….maybe since our allies have determined they will supply arms to select rebel troops in Syria, McCain will choose to join the collaborative efforts  of US and allies instead of criticizing and lobbying for a new US war.

Whatever, my question remains….WHEN are the angry old boomers going to get it? Korea is still not resolved; Viet Nam was a disaster; Iraq had no positive impact on peace; and Afghanistan?    Normally, it’s three strikes and you are out…we have given these guys a bonus strike and we still do not have a winning hit.  After 60 years , the war-loving Boomer Republicans have had their chance.  Now it is time to let new thinking experiment with new options.  They can’t do any WORSE than what we’ve done in the last 60 years!


Finally, after who knows how many years, we are having a discussion at least about the potential impact of the American obsession with germs and all that is anti-bacterial in the world!   I wish I had saved some of my old “rants” from years passed, so I could say, “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!”

This morning we learn that the general consensus is that we are too concerned about cleanliness and it is impacting our immune systems perhaps to the point that those that suffer so from allergies are a RESULT of this out of control obsession.

Now that this has finally come under scrutiny at least, we need to figure out a balance because it is becoming clear, neither extreme is effective…not to humans; not to the environment.

Having just finished Dan Brown’s latest book INFERNO,  I can only think that perhaps it should become required reading for all…although it’s fiction, and really heavy into Italian art and culture of middle ages, it does examine some pretty heavy issues along  these same lines.


A big YES to Army Major General Robert Shadley and his new book  “The GAMe:  Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal”.

He sums it up well….”In my mind, it’s not about sex, it’s about the abuse of power.”

 Well said and amen to that. So many memories come flooding back from similar battles fought and sometimes won in the business world in the 70s, 80s – and personal memories of situations I was fortunate enough to maneuver through for the most part – but not without a lot of pain and suffering that even today, give me a very queasy stomach just to think about. I cannot imagine the horror if my own tame-by-comparison experiences had taken place in the very skewed military environment.

So I agree, zero tolerance is the goal and the only alternative  to stop this abuse in all arenas of our world.


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