May 27, 2013

TAX AVOIDANCE or RESULTS of our ENABLING TAX CODE?  I’m not a fan of big business manipulation of tax codes nor of their sense of entitlement.  But if Apple, with their “Think Different” slogan, has become the impetus that leads to a serious discussion of tax reform, then I will have to give them credit.  Whether Apple’s actions are “brave” or not can be judged in the future…but if their actions have started the ball rolling to evaluate why US companies are holding more than $1 trillion overseas and won’t bring it home unless US tax rate is lowered, then it may indeed be a good thing…and a first step in that evaluation of how/why businesses in the last quarter of the 20th century took a sharp turn away from good citizenship and emerged with a single mission – stockholder profitability.  As for Apple, I judged them harshly once – back in the day when I thought they must be a “cult” with their funny Apple machine…so I am very cautious about judging them again.  There’s that old saying,” fool me once….”

NORTH SIDE CRIME FIGHT:  The North Side beat with more officers on the street is a good innovative step…and I was glad to read the initial steps and ideas were not cast in concrete but are fluid, subject to input and review on all sides…Perhaps some day this initiative will become the new success story.  Remember when the cost of the small police station and Elliott, our neighborhood beat copy were adopted by the neighborhood of NE/East Hennepin Assn?   Today, the fund-raising is an annual event that continues to bring the community together….perhaps a similar sense of ownership can be built on the North Side that drives the fear away and helps build the foundation of a new community.

NEXT GENERATION MINNESOTA CARE:   I liked the Strib’s stand in the May 25 editorial”

“For all the heated rhetoric about the Affordable Care Act being a rigid, top-down approach to healthcare, the 2010 federal reform law in reality gives state’s abundant opportunities to innovate, and often the additional funding needed to make it happen.”

Good, some recognition and the story of what that means in Minnesota.

FIREWORKS:  As I sat here writing, I kept hearing “explosions”….and was beginning to think that we voted to blow up the St. Anthony Falls lock and dam instead of just close it.  Slow on the uptake, it took me a while to look out the window.  The winds must be just right, as the sound is not coming from just under my window facing the riverfront “backyard”; but instead from off in the distance to the east…It must be Memorial Day fireworks at the Capitol. So, rather than continue, I think I need to sit back and enjoy the display…and will get back to this tomorrow!

 Happy Memorial Day to all – here’s hoping this is the LAST of the cold dreary weather and as June dawns next weekend – it is filed with sunshine and warmer days!


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