May 25, 2013

I keep trying to ignore this and adapt an attitude of “each man for himself” and too bad if you are silly enough to be taken in….but today a serious discussion in STRIB about whether super market prepared foods should be required to post calories like restaurants do  pushed me over the edge. 

To base the argument on “leveling the playing field” is silly.  Let’s be honest – it is a health issue. 

Sometimes it does amaze me…as people rush off to the “the club” to work out….and then feeling good about themselves for doing it, they often stop at the grocery store en route home for a rotisserie chicken-one of the LEAST healthy things you can buy in a grocery store!

Do they really think its the rotisserie “method” that creates that enticing and almost intoxicating smell?!!

Next time you are tempted into fooling yourself, think injections of unidentified chemicals and other ingredients carefully concocted to draw you in.  Frankly, the SODIUM alone should be enough to scare you away but the unidentified elements are probably just as worrisome.

You will quickly turn your attention to “cook it at home” chicken products if you are concerned about your health.  Really, how difficult is it to turn on the oven….and if you must, rub it with a spice blend identified in several grocery stores as “chicken seasoning”.

And with that, I am off to the Farmer’s Market to buy some asparagus and salad greens – and maybe some mo-mos from Gorkey Palace to dine on later!


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