April 30, 2013

Remember Romney’s disdain for the “47%” he could do nothing about?  I am equally concerned about the 53%.  Check out the Hood Family – originally from Louisiana- that moved to Minnesota after Katrina:

  • The family had a net worth of $11 million and a set of triplets – two of whom were special needs children with severe disabilities..
  • They moved from Louisiana to Minnesota to “take advantage of heath care and educational resources” available to their children.
  • When they arrived in Minnesota, the mother claimed a need for assistance – although they bought a home in North Oaks for $865,000 cash.
  • The mother claimed she was the sole legal guardian, and had only $1400 in the bank.
  • In reality, between mother and father, they owned another home in Louisiana, a farm in Iowa and had EIGHTY-FOUR separate bank accounts.
  • Their combined INTEREST income when they moved was $183,000.
  • Since they moved to Minnesota, the state paid her between $200,000-250,000 in salary to take care of her children and financed a $30,000 wheelchair accessible elevator in their new home.
  • They continued to receive $19,000 a year in state and federal agricultural payments for the farm.
  • For three years after they moved, they continued to collect money from Louisiana as well as Minnesota to support their children.
  • And when they were finally caught?  They were able to pay out another $484,312 as part of a plea agreement.

This is what I call entitlement.  Yes, of course, it is an extreme.  Yes, of course, they finally got caught and she will serve a prison term under “house arrest” as she continues to care for their children in their home.

But let’s be honest…this is not the only example of “those that can” taking advantage. When one looks at general economic gains of end of 20th century all “pooling” at the top, one has to realistically question the “walk on water” attitude of those that find themselves in that top category.  A century ago, we called those people the “robber-barons”, and we were taught in school to beware.

Being classified as part of the “wealthy” does not a good person make.  There are bad apples scattered through-out; but those that feel they are entitled to what they have need to look in the mirror before they point fingers elsewhere.


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