April 25, 2013

As the new Bush Presidential Library opens today, I hope we are all reminded of the two reasons for the Iraqi Wars: Weapons of Mass Destruction AND  Sectarian Warfare within the country.

We quickly learned there were no weapons of mass destruction and headlines today still are talking about Sunni vs Shiite warfare within the country.

So tell me again, what great world problems did we “FIX” with the Bush Wars?

Only if you look at it from US enemy perspectives can you find any answers and those are pretty sad:  it killed a lot of people including Americans and amassed crippling debt for the US government..

That’s what George W defined in Sunday’s Parade interview as “leadership”.

I know it’s George W’s library; I know it is designed, like all Presidential Libraries, to capture history and show the great “leadership of the President for whom it is named…but I had a hard time reading about it in the Sunday paper – mostly because it brought back so many BAD memories of a man this country elected as President who most of the time, simply did not have a clue.

Again, a nice man, but not a leader…his only saving grace in recent days is that he finally has given up the pretense of how great his cohort Cheney was.  The fact he describes the relationship as “cordial” is pretty telling!  The dependence upon the neo-cons is over and I am happy for that.

In contract, I am estatic that with rumors of Syria using chemical warfare, the current administration is demanding proof- including soil samples- before reacting too quickly. That, not immediate panic and war, is what I consider leadership.




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