April 23, 2013

Like most Americans, I watched in horror as the bombings in Boston unfolded…then followed the story all week as progress was made, and one of the perpetrators was captured.  Brian Williams and Pete Williams did a great job of keeping us informed – without too much personal emotion and constant blather…which is more than I can say for MSNBC anchors and some other channel anchors.  As the week passed, I grew increasingly irritated with our press coverage…doing little more than chattering away to hear themselves talk – a side effect I had not expected. But as they droned on, I could not make myself turn off the TV – nor stop the memories of too many times I have found myself glued to the screen in the wake of shocking tragedies from JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King and right on through to Oklahoma City, Waco, 9-11 and now Boston.

The spirit of the Bostonians, out in the streets cheering on their police and first responders as the capture unfolded before us, along with the emerging attitude of “Boston Strong” helped me immensely to deal with what had just transpired.  This is where the United States was born, and all these years later, this is where the country witnessed the best of US citizens in times of tragedy – and set a new model for us all in how to deal with and conquer tragedy.

So it is especially hard to see another phenomenon unfolding.  As this awful incident and the efforts to triumph over evil unfold in Boston, it appears the situation has brought out the WORST in many of our legislators and others.

Those who should know better have been far too quick to judge…or is it sadly, just too quick to hope for political advantage?  Before the facts are all known, we have loud charges of intelligence “Failure”; hints at yet another manufactured Bengazi- all seemingly to discredit the Obama Administration.  Have these people no shame?  In retrospect, it makes me even prouder of support BOTH parties showed toward the Bush administration in the early days of 9-11.  

What a travesty this would be if the end result is the failure of long-needed immigration reform. I can only ask – what about the facts we know so far about the Boston bombers don’t Rand Paul, Grassley, and others not understand?  These two terrorists were not radicalized when they emigrated from Chechnia and began their pathway to citizenship.  They became so once they were here. 

And it appears not to be just a political issue, as the ACLU was also heard from – waiving its flag and declaring the government out of line for telling people to stay in their homes for safety on the day that ended the hunt.  Again, no one was arrested if they went out; they were encouraged to return to their homes and safety until the police had completed the search of the 20 square blocks being searched.  But to some, the government was infringing on one’s personal rights to endanger themselves and interfere with a manhunt if they wanted to do so.  Did that also include their personal right to die if they had come in contact with this killer?  I doubt it- were that to have happened, it would be the government’s fault for not protecting the person.   It absolutely makes no sense.

And again, nothing but complaints about how the surviving victim has been handled…we should treat him as enemy combatant; we should read him Miranda Rights immediately; we should…we should…we should.  And then came the cries, oh no…reviewing surveillance tapes and citizen cell phone pix  gave the government what was needed to capture this guy…but it violated my personal freedom and privacy!

I especially think it interesting that those from the right are those who were calling for ignoring US citizens rights and treating this guy as an enemy combatant.  Excuse me?  That seems incongruous in light of others from that same party that fear their OWN constituents so much, that they vote no to background checks for guns.  What about radical US citizen gun owners do they not understand?

 From my perspective, we should shut up and let those that have the facts do their job.  Once it is all under control, there will be sufficient time to second-guess and point fingers.  We absolutely cannot let special interests use this incident to twist facts and spread fear in order to divert thinking and support to minor causes.

Please, let’s get through this together, celebrate the strength of the Bostonians, support them in their grief, and learn from them.  Save your complaints…there will be time in the long process that will lead to justice to raise legitimate concerns based on actual facts revealed.  Indeed, we should expect a review of what happened so that we can move forward, together, taking steps to improve.  But let’s please leave the grand-standing behind. 



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  1. Totally agree, Cheryl.

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