March 26, 2013

Fracking may well be an answer to jobs and for those not working, that understandably is a #1 priority.

But I commend Senator Schmit and others that are requesting Minnesota SLOW DOWN!  The opportunity won’t go away while Minnesota assesses threats and what can be done to minimize them.

Fracking expansion before an environmental and health threat assessment is completed is not responsible.  In my mind, a job in the short term vs possible illness/early death is not a good trade off…and yet I understand how short-term relief takes precedence when there simply is no money.

We need to lobby for this assessment to get done quickly.  Those that see this as the only opportunity for employment will get that job sooner or they will learn the risks so they can decide if the short term gain is worth it.

The oil contained therein is not going away; its been there for millions of years….but life as you know it, may well be endangered.  Let’s find the answer QUICKLY!

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