February 19, 2013

I learned several interesting things today:

AMENDMENT XIII Abolition of Slavery

Section 1.  Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Guess which state JUST THIS MONTH ratified this amendment?  Hard to believe, but yes, Mississippi did not ratify the Amendment initially.  In fact, it was 1995 before they voted to pass it….and then?  Well, somehow the paperwork never got properly filed until Thursday, February 7, 2013!    We know life slows down there in our southern states, but really?


A new book just published substantiates all I have been saying since 2000 about the little Bush-man.  George W. spent his life trying to outdo his father….trying to show he was bigger, tougher than George Sr.  A nice man; but a not very smart man – he fell into the grips of the neocons who manipulated him into believing he could finish the job his father had started but didn’t have the guts to end….yup, the second invasion of Iraq….one way or another.  We all know how that turned out.  For all of those I argued with back in late 2001 and early 2002 – I have been exonerated.   Iraq was NOT a threat; Iraq had nothing to do with 9 -11; Iraq was merely unfinished business for the neocons – using George W. for their pawn.  How sad is that?  Not just for the Bushes, for all of us as a country.  Dick Cheney should be in jail.

On one hand, I cannot wait for this evening’s special…even though it is an MSNBC special on the Rachel Maddow Show…which I normally do not watch.  On the other hand, I dread it; as I fear that horrible stomach ache I had all those months as we ALL knew we would be off to war again…and no one could stop it, as Cheney told his tale of lies and convinced the puppet to go to war.  Think of the lives lost – and please, not just American soldiers…add the Iraqi soldiers and innocent civilians and tell me one more time they deserved it.  No, they did not.  It was a neocon fantasy sold to a man trying to show up his dad-just  like I said it was.  It is not fun to be right in these circumstances.


Some of us keep talking about it; some of us see it around us; some of refer to a multicultural future. And today, for the first time, I watched a quick segment on local network news addressing these demographic changes.  Kids in schools today in MN  are more diverse; more households are being built by couples who are not necessarily married; more women and girls are being invited to understand their potential roles in politics and government.  We are making progress.



And more on the positive side – a little ray of understanding shined today. Three different news media personnel described President Obama as a transformational President….not only the first African -American President, but a man who is leading and governing for the 21st century; not for times gone by. 

YES!  This is why I voted for him over Hillary in 2008; this is why I voted for him in 2012.  He is a man of HIS TIME – not a man of the olden days of WWII, Vietnam, Reagan or the Bushes.   He tried cooperation; it confused the Republicans who thought it was a trick.  That- combined with the leftover “white man rules mentality “- and the fact he was a Democrat blinded both politicians and the press.  This has led to critique after critique of his performance over and over and over again.

And like fingernails on chalk boards, their favorite cry is “That’s not what Eisenhower would have done!”; “That’s not what Reagan would have done!”  No kidding, Obama has been responding to the world of today – not a world of yesteryear.  Does that mean he gets it right ever time?  Of course not.  I cannot think of a single President of the 20th century that made no mistakes or miscalculations.  Why do we think that an explorer of a new world would have all the answers?  That’s like saying we needed no innovative thinking from 1492 on…after all as one of the first explorers of the unknown; Columbus (and others) discovered the new world.  Why change it?

So with all these revelations, Presidents Day 2013 will be a memorable holiday for me!  Maybe there is still hope.

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