January 30, 2013

Two issues caught my attention today that made me raise this question: Who are victims and who are the Hypocrites?

First, Israel needs to RETHINK and get this right!  Yesterday, they became the first country to withhold cooperationfrom UN Review of its human rights practices.  Whatever their reasons – still unshared – they now put people around the world in jeopardy; endangering the global human rights process as they set this precedent.  Yikes!  That new coalition voted in by the Israeli people to temper Bebe had better get to work fast to overcome this move!   

No country cries louder that the world owes them for what has been done to them in terms of human rights in the past.  And I do not blame them considering the long history of persecution they have suffered at the hands of Christians from the Crusades to Hitler.  However, that does not place their country today ABOVE the international organization charged with the guarantee of those same human rights Israelis once were deprived of. 

That aside, they now become an excuse to those many emerging and existing countries through-out the world in which there ARE significant  issues including North Africa and the Middle East.

Until we understand the WHY of this seemingly unconscionable position, we should hold judgment; but I admit, I immediately jumped to how this impacts our OWN American politics.  How does that faction of US citizens so critical of Obama/Netanyahu relationship as well as Obama’s non-war intervention in countries such as Syria reconcile this?  A country that we have nurtured since its inception and that survives partly due to US aid and investments thumbs its nose at a basic American principle.  Think about it.

The second issue is the three months it took Congress to respond to the storm victims in the Northeast.  It seems we can get US disaster relief to countries around the world faster than we help our own…

Rebuilding does not happen overnight, of course, but politically delaying the financial aid for these people is unconscionable and in my mind, destroyed more “political capital”/good will for one sector of our political system than “playing nice in the sandbox” on the immigration issue can recover.

This was a foolish move, I believe, in view of fact these same people who held up the aid are generally from states that get MORE AID from the US than they pay annually in taxes. I continue to miss the point they are trying to make by irresponsible actions like this.

Yes, I find these hypocrites frustrating and I accept I often need a “positive attitude” adjustment.  I tried to dwell on the good news…the US Military lifted its ban against women serving in combat, and-led by Minnesota and the North Star Council representing 75,000 scouts- the Boy Scouts lifted their ban on gays.   That helped- but obviously not enough – it does not take away the basic philosophical questions.

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