January 18, 2013

This is a school that markets itself as a place “where students are amply prepared to thrive in a multi-racial world” ??!!?

I was so saddened to hear and then read more this morning of the Washburn School racial incident….these are the very students that will grow up to become “influencers” in our city, state, and country…in a time when the country flips from that of a nation of white majorities to a multi-cultural world in which the whites become the minority.

And now, instead of hope that there are efforts being made to move us in the right direction, we learn that in this school, white students think it is FUNNY to hang a dark skinned doll in the school stairway.

It certainly raises the question….is the school failing in its purpose?  OR, is there such a strong element of bigoted white folks in our city/state/country that efforts to recognize and prepare for the reality of our multi-cultural future cannot offset this warped supremist view?

Yes, I also recognize, this is a single incident and I should show caution about over-reacting.  And yet, I learned in grade school and Sunday School that we are all created equal and for 60 years have watched this country SLOWLY try to move forward to put slavery and white supremacy behind us…and yet at the core of many of us, there has been no change.

It is discouraging.  I understand change threatens. And perhaps I have simply reached the tipping point after four years of watching adults who have been elected to run our country do all in their power to denigrate and bring down our first African-American president-because of his race.   But this kind of thinking and activity does not bode well for the future of the United States. 

I fear we shall have no one to blame but ourselves as we reach mid-century and find that rather than global leaders of the world, we have been left in the dust.

And so, I remain saddened and concerned by the incident at Washburn High.


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