January 11, 2013

With no other top controversial news as we “wait” for the next financial fight and the gun rights battles to heat up, the Press has chosen the make up of Obama’s next cabinet is the target – it’s too” white male ” for them.

I certainly am not one to overlook race and gender issues; I have quietly “won” a great many of the gender battles through the 1970s-80s, am pretty sensitive to the old white male women put-downs and continue to have my antenna out  for “good old boys” mischief in that arena.

But pointing a finger at Obama on these issues?  This really is ridiculous.

Let’s not forget:

WHO made Susan Perry’s potential appointment to Secretary of State and issue….the angry old WHITE men in the Republican Party;

WHO thinks women in government are epitomized by selections such as Sarah Pahlin and Michelle Bachman…the angry old WHITE men in the Republican Party;

WHOSE caucus is 89% while male…the Republican Party;

HOW many House Committee Chairs reflect our diverse population….just one-the rest are angry old WHITE men in the Republican Party;

And don’t even talk to me about the “token” multicultural players like Rubio and Scott in the Republican Party!

It is not Obama, my friends, who is the issue here. He represents a new emerging style of leadership for the 21st century; looks for a variety of points of view and generally collaborates during the decision-making process. He, of course, wants a cabinet that he can work with; he, of course, is not all-knowing; but one thing he is NOT:  He is not of the genre of politicos in smoke-filled rooms; doing under the table personal deals, more concerned about his OWN future and job than he is about the country.  And he certainly is NOT anti-woman, or anti-black or anti-diversity in general.

There are enough issues in our world today that we need not have the PRESS manufacture more.  This is not an issue; let’s get over it, and put our focus not on who “won” the last little skirmish, but instead, on how we MEND the riffs, division, and total incompetence shown in the political arena in the last few years and try to move forward doing what is BEST FOR THE COUNTRY.  If the Press does not have enough real bad news to fill their time on the airwaves and space on the internet and in the news, here’s a novel idea:  Maybe you could focus on some of the good things happening in the world today.

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