December 17, 2012

At the recommendation of a friend, last week I attended an IFP meeting at the Crooked Pint.  I went for several reasons – the title, “It’s a Brave New (Media) World” caught my attention professionally; the site, Crooked Pint, was a neighborhood location I had not visited; and the aftermath of the weekend snowstorm presented a personal challenge –could I walk over there?

On the downside, there was also a public forum to review the Above the Falls plan for the river that same night.  As most know, this is a passion for me, so I had a conflict-solved only because of the storm and the meeting site at MPRB which definitely was too far to walk that night.

So off I went to the Crooked Pint and I am so glad I did.  No, I am not a film-maker, so often, the discussion was over my head, but in the end, the context and questions were familiar as first the panel focused on describing what new media “is”:

Immersive; interactive; take the story of the film outside the film so the audience can interact; storytelling across platforms that create audience engagement; stories told on multiple platforms; storytelling in which the audience participates and contributes to the integrity of the story; the convergence of different media across platforms (i.e.,merging of TV and internet)

So far, so good…these are familiar topics applicable in our changing world of events as well.

Then the discussion moved on to more thought-provoking questions – questions I am not sure I can answer in my world:

  • How does one maintain a common tone across media types?
  • How do you achieve interconnectivity not just many forms of the same story?
  • Just because you can do it, should you?

Before the end of the session, I l was reminded /learned some good advice for the story “architect”:

  • Test ideas on the web
  • Learn from small failures
  • It’s not about the tactic…put the why and the who before the what
  • Find partners you trust
  • If the story is good, people will “hang in” despite a bad production

And along the way, I was directed to a wide variety of websites for further exploration and possible applications in my own world of event design.  I am sure there will be more to come on this topic as I delve into those.

As for the Crooked Pint?  I liked the ambience; I liked the BIG screen and the possibility of its use as a meeting site.

And the personal challenge of being able to safely walk over there?  Not so much.  Street crossings and medians themselves had not been  addressed yet, so at each intersection, I was forced to traverse a mountain of snow…all went well until that last one at Washington and 5th…where I took a misstep and quickly found myself sprawled out on the sidewalk! That has not helped with the pain flare-up I am already struggling through right now….but it was worth it for the new brain food I gathered at the meeting!



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