A December Saturday in the CIty

December 8, 2012

The ground was white and frosty as I set off for MCM Winter Market….the best idea for this season’s  Farmers  Market I’ve seen…recharged by the energy  it creates in the space, I tour the booths, resist the good baked goods, chat with friends and stop to make my one planned purchase….the Chile Chutney at the Gorkha Palace table.  I think I am ready for my next stop, but the crowd at 2Gingers drew me in….so why not…a little 2Gingers on Saturday morning to toast the news of the Beam  acquisition!  That slowed me down a bit, so took a little time to chat with Adrienne Logsdon (Kiss My Cabbage lady) about her  kimchi which has become a staple in my refrigerator – sampled a few “fall” blends and discovered a pretty good new one that will work well with that pork/sausage and confit winter dinner I make…I’ll be back for the January market to make that purchase , as I did not want to carry it over to East Bank and back.

Bridge deck was a little slippery so slower going, and was I glad I had that scarf to pull up over my chin to ward off that wind coming down the river!   I was happy when I could make the left turn between Lourdes Place and Ard Godfrey as I headed to Lady of Lourdes Church.  Today was their annual Christmas Bazaar (more like Christmas flea market) but it always makes my list so I can have coffee and a cinnamon roll – the kind my mom used to make – and make my one yearly purchase…the French Meat Pie…and give a small contribution to help continue the restoration work at the church.

After visiting a bit with Muriel from Ard Godfrey House/Woman’s Club, I am off to East Hennepin….first stop, the “amber” store where I resisted not only the amber, but some beautiful hand-blown ornaments from Central Europe….a quick run through Kramarczyk’s  and now it is almost time to meet a friend for momos at Gorkha Palace.

Oh what a treat…..I normally have them for lunch in the summer – purchased from their stand in the Farmer’s Market – enjoyed while people watching as I sit on the Guthrie Terrace.  But since the inside market does not include cooking, we decided to partake of this treat at the restaurant itself.  I pass it often, but confess, have never been inside, so today we experienced it…and there is no doubt, I will be back!  I feasted on Yak and vegetarian momos smothered in tomato sauce, but next time I am going for dinner so in addition to the great service and the local artwork, I can try a Nepali curry or tandoori. If you have not been, put it on your list.

A store or two more; then a quick detour into Lund’s for a box of melba rounds and I am ready to head back across the river…fortunately, it is now almost 1 so sun had done its thing on the snow and the bridge itself was clear and not as hazardous.   I make good time, fortunately, as I needed to be back in the Churchill lobby by 1:30 to be picked up for the visit to Union Depot in St. Paul!  As I glance up at the Churchill as I approach, I can, for the first time, identify the balcony that belongs to me….there it is – half way up – bedecked with my authentic Amish sleigh bells  and garlands of holly!  (I have tried to count up from the ground several times from different angles, but never have been quite sure – so this was a pleasant discovery!)

Inside, drop the bag, the mittens and big scarf and we are off again to St. Paul.  Union Square is gorgeous!   Too many people;  too many activities going on; too little time.  This deserves an exploratory visit on its own – so having seen and been seen, we jumped back in the car and returned to Mpls.

As we traveled west, my friend commented on  all the compliments I got on my hat….yes, the very hat  I purchased last year as a birthday gift to myself  – worn for the first time to Rochester at Christmas last year and was mocked by my younger sister….who obviously did not like it.  So all year long, it held its place as a “display” on an empty hook of my coat rack in the foyer….with me afraid to wear it again, as obviously it was ugly and I had no fashion taste. 

Well, this morning, tasteful or not, I donned it to hide my very short hair (the result of my dear friend Sue at Rocco’s trying to mask the new hair growth from the latest major alopecia attack I had this fall) and to cover my ears as protection from the cold. Two people at the Farmer’s Market told me they liked it; my friend Muriel told me she liked it; and then the comments at Union Station….all compliments I view as my Christmas gift to myself and another life lesson I will never learn….I am not dumb; I do have ok taste; and I should not listen to my family who are always telling me otherwise!

And now here I am….sans hat, and resting my feet…contemplating whether one last thing on my list for today is going to happen.  Do I have the energy to rally one more time…head down the street to take in Holidazzle and then perhaps a drink in the bar at the newly renovated Murray’s before returning home?

What a hard decision…I am curled up here in the library, carols playing in the background, with the lights of my trees illuminating the crystal ornaments and declaring “Peace on Earth”…right here at home.  Can I rally again?  Well, why not – maybe I will get more compliments on my hat!




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