November 30, 2012

This past fall, four US citizens including our ambassador were killed in Benghazi.  It was a sad, tragic event that demonstrates the downside of US world leadership and dominance.

For all time historically recorded, similar incidents can be recalled…initiated by warring factions whether that be (by or towards) the ancient Greeks,  The Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, the Union Jack, the USA, or any civilization in between.

We need not look too far back into our own history to find many an example…most recently- terrorist incidents in the Clinton Administration that expanded under Bush to 9-11, two wars and the loss of hundreds of thousands of Americans, NATO allies, and Iraqi/Afghan citizens.  One only had to view a recent PBS documentary on events leading up to and including 9-11 to recognize the misinformation, missteps, and confusion as that tragedy unfolded.  And yet, as a country we came together in support.

An innocent’s death should be mourned by all whether it is American or not, and certainly Benghazi is a tragedy that should be reviewed and learned from…not to blame, but to improve.

Instead, we have moved into a new realm, however, as Benghazi became politicized by two angry men.  I would so like to believe it is genuine concern, but their means of drawing attention to the incident speaks more of hubris or perhaps the recognition that their own powerful spheres of influence are diminishing….and a need to be in the spotlight one last time. Since we most often come together in the face of such a tragedy as Benghazi, we would do well to stop, examine and learn from this erratic reaction.

Is it because of a lost election (or two), a perception of loss of power, the racial and gender undertones long familiar in the business world now moving into government as well, or the constantly bubbling undertones beneath the surface that point to white male footholds now balancing on a slippery slope as we move into a new American era of multiculturalism?  Have the rules changed and this is what should be expected going forward – no matter what party is in office?  I only know if it were me, I would NOT want this to be my parting legacy, but then again, I am not an old white man.

Whatever the reason, it saddens me – first because Susan Rice has been made a scapegoat by these men in order to strike at Obama; and second, because these men leading this attack by using methods they have chosen, are not being viewed as American heroes, but are self-destructing…and casting doubt on those many great things they have contributed to this country.

They are better than this; we as American citizens deserve better than this; as do the Americans who sacrificed their lives for us in Benghazi.  Review the incident, of course.  But let’s not try this case via grand-standing for the press.


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