November 8, 2012

I had election day notes to turn into a blog…but did not get to them; I had day after election day notes for a blog, but did not get to them; today it is Thursday, and for what its worth….

I’m still battling Comcast; think its time for a change in service provider!…but yes, I did indeed miss the last minute constant barrage of campaign messages!

I’d forgotten how fun and engaging it is to WALK over to the polls at 6:30AM…what a great way to experience community as neighbors chatted in line about hopes and fears of what was at stake…A big YES to city living rather than that impersonal interim time out in Edina!

How great it was to share dinner and the election nite vigil with a long time friend of forty years and her “family”.

Yes to a victory that means we can continue to explore and find our way in the 21st century…rather than reliving the Good Old Boy days of the 1980s….

Why did I doubt the Obama campaign who won because indeed, they DID understand the WHOLE of our citizens; recognized the emerging demographics of the US in 2012, and quietly and confidently went about their business…targeting the Amercan citizens that hold the key to our country’s future…I am rightfully chastised that I doubted them ocassionally along the way!

As the anaysis unfolded yesterday, I could not help but laugh at myself…and most of the country for totally missing the point throughout the whole campaign. I felt the frustration melt away and the calmness blanket me in hope once again.  Every step of the way, the Obama team knew what they were doing, did not get disstracted, and went about their business confident they knew how to win.

No, we will not have a smooth-sailing, crisis and mistake – free four years ahead, but I for one, am looking forward to a thoughtful exploration of how we can best use the strengths, innovation, and resilience of  ALL the American people to forge the path of global leadership in the new world of the 21st century…I am confident we will test ideas, win some, stumble a little, evaluate and make adjustments as we move forward on solid footings into a whole new world that lies before us…that multi-cultural global world that replaces the bland white world in which we have lived so far.

And with that on the national scale; I am also so proud of Minnesotan sthat drew the line in the sand on the two amendments, AND gave Governor Dayton the potentially cooperative Legislature needed to stop the nonsense and let us get on with making Minnesota the Crossroads of America once again!

And with that, I am looking forward to MOVING FORWARD once again!

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