October 23, 2012

Kudos to BOb Schiefer…finally he was able to minimize somewhat the impression of two neighborhood boys fighting in the sandbox!

Because I’m so prejudiced against what Romney continues to use as his qualificatiobns, I try to temper my opinion through written news , online and TV followup…and watch debates OFF cable so I am not further influenced. And usually, I spend a bit of time trying to validate my conclusions through fact-checking.

In spite of that, I did not “celebrate” a win last night. Oh, no doubt Romney rehearsed style not substance (is he auditioning for an update of West Wing?); but I thought Obama had some significant missed opportunities as well. I know, Easy to Judge when I am calmly watching the debate without the pressure of 60 million watching what I say!

All that said, what a travesty it would be to have a Republican victory…a figurehead in the White House again would be bad enough…but Neocons and Southern Dixiecrats at the helm steering the ship while the Captain just poses might be unbearable.

I try to remind myself that often in our 200 plus year history, we have had very contentious campaigns, and somehow, once the people voted, we came together.

Unfortunately, I do not feel that way this year. It started with Congressional Republicans putting party over country when Obama won and when I had just survived a Close Encounter with the Real Repos during the GOP Convention here in MSP…it has continued through four years of gridlock, distortions of truth, and a very devisive campaign.

So I opened the STRIB this morning with trepidation and was a little comforted to read the following items:

1. The Clintons Haiti visit to recognize the US Agency for International Development work in Haiti to create infastructure and thousands of jobs.

2. A good Obama quip that reflects many of my own postings re Romney…”foreign policies of the 1980s…social policies of the 1950s…economic policies of the 1920s.”

3. The Fact Check column generally supported Democratic statements and pointed out Republican misinterpretations-although it did indicate where Obama strayed a bit off total truth.

4. The “In Their Own Words” column accurately reflected Romney’s last minute tack to the center; and Obama’s quotes did a better job of portraying “presidential” – not “wannabe”.

I so hope some of those Republican Dixiecrats and NeoCons tuning in listened carefully as Romney staged his last transformational performance. They were “sold” a different Romney; maybe they too will begin to question who he REALLY is!

5. Despite a tightening electorate here, it is comforting to read that World View trend to Obama by significant margins….from Europe to China to Mideast.

Yes, I know the Republicans will say that is a bad thing; I think in the 21st world of collaboration not war, it is a good thing.

Unfortunately RESPECT trumps LIKEABILITY and after the Bush years of “likable guy but…”, I am comforted to know the world respects the US with Obama at the helm.

6. Opps – concerned to hear that the Republican – run Ottawa Country Board of Elections in North Ohio sent a mailer to 3 Democratic-leaning precincts showing Election Day of November 8 not Nov 6 and giving the wrong directions to get to the polls.

Was this incompetence, an awful mistake, or a well planned action?

In any case, they have two weeks to correct it and should be planning a house to house visit to all who received incorrect info – paid for by the Republicans…with a Democratic “reality checker” carefully monitoring!

All in all, I think we’re a country as divided as we were 150 years ago and altho I get consolidation from the small “wins”, the big picture tells me we’ve learned little, and expect to reap rewards and recognition just “because we are the US” and not because we have earned it.

My biggest concern remains the stark differences between 20th century thinking and striving to understand the need to think “21st Century”.

I keep coming back to a Republican Party intent on reliving the good parts of the Grand Old Days, and an aging Press that also often bases their assessment of the situation on the same “past”.

Experience isn’t everything; it’s trumped by Innovation and Collaboration in the world in which we live today.

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