BACHMAN & McCARTHY: The Witchhunters

July 22, 2012

I don’t like Michelle Bachmann – nor her husband, for that matter.  I admit, before I really realized what a kook she was, I was appalled to learn of her philosophy re women’s roles in marriage today, and since I cannot match that with her aggressive persona as a politician, I don’t trust her.   So I put her in the category of the snake oil salesman of days gone by, and waited for her to disappear.

Much to my chagrin; I was wrong.  Not only did she not disappear, she became a nationally-recognized figure, and then a candidate for president.  She lost, and for a short time, we had a respite from the insanity she represents.   And I celebrated her demise.  But now, like a cornered animal, wounded and hurt, she has attacked again.

In high school, I wrote a term paper on McCarthyism.  With all the innocence and optimism of youth, I could not understand how the American public let him and his antics disrupt our republic for as long as it did.  Surely they were not fooled by these cries of Communists in our midst, plotting against us in global scheme to take over the world? Anyone could see that was a fantasy.  Why didn’t they ignore him, or arrest him or something!  Obviously, I had not yet learned the lesson of hindsight being 20-20, had I?

And here we are, some fifty years later, and Joe McCarthy has been reincarnated in Michelle Bachman…proving that high school student of long ago, to be wrong one more time!   Now I have even more reasons to dislike her.

 But seriously, friends, just like McCarthy, we cannot let this continue, as she just gets bolder and bolder with more slurs and insults – desperately trying to grasp for one last stand. I bit my tongue when the Swiss Citizenship was made known, but this time,  I sent my appeal to Boehner to remove her from the Intelligence Committee…heaven knows we need some protection from what she might concoct next.

This past May, the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie presented “Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been” – the haunting story of how, in 1953, as McCarthy’s fears and accusations overflowed the political arena and impacted the arts, Langston Hughes battled accusations from McCarthy that he was a communist.  It was a powerful play, that amongst the horror, still seemed to be surreal, and could not be happening… despite the fact history shows how deeply the creative world was negatively impacted.

My lesson learned from attending – we so want to believe in the good of man, that even when we know the outcome of an evil persecution, we hope until the end, that all will turn out ok.  We need to move past this.  What Michelle Bachmann is doing is a REAL and THREATENING menace to our world- particularly in this time of mistrust and accusatory politicking.

But accolades should go to John McCain to make the connection and to instill the rallying call of Edward R. Murrow:  “We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends on evidence and due process of law.  We will not walk in fear, one of another.” 

Press coverage and dialog of the new Bachmann poison seems to indicate that times are such that she will NOT be censured, although she should be.  But indeed, we all must pull together to take every chance we are offered to refute her before she creates the damage to a fragile United States that McCarthy was able to do.

I commend John McCain, our own Dave Durenberger, and others that have put country before party and called for action.  Particularly as Minnesotans, we all need to do whatever it takes to remove her from public life and safely away from the limelight she so craves.




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