BUSINESS INSIDER , Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

If the current version of   “It’s the Economy, Stupid” is starting to get you down, go to STARTRIBUNE.COM/BUSINESS and read the whole thing.  Today’s issue will put a positive spin on your day!

Here’s just a few uplifting comments from this morning’s articles:

Neal St. Anthony: “Do tax breaks for rich really ‘create jobs’?”

And the chief executives at many of the United States’ largest public companies are heading for their third year of record profits and paydays.

Pay particular attention to Dave Cleveland’s comments within the article as he offers evidence for why he thinks the wealthy do not come close to being the entrepreneurs that drive job creation.  I loved the quote “the best entrepreneurs don’t have toys, but they have passion and they want to build something and grow.”

Mark Haveman, of Minnesota Taxpayers Association, feels both political parties are over-stating their case and agrees with Cleveland that dynamic job creators tend to be disaffected former employees  and other innovators who start their own business with  help  from  family, an angel or their own equity, and with “sweat”.   

Both Cleveland and Mark Sellner, professor of taxation at St. Thomas agree that the biggest inhibitor to business confidence for expansion is the no-compromise tactics between political parties in Washington. 

As you read, don’t skip over “Amp ramps up approach” for the Non-Profit sector; “Vets seek job retraining in record numbers” -they get it and are taking advantage of federal funds to help impact that high vet unemployment rate;  MacKay’s “Critical thinking still is critical to your success”; Dr. Crimmins in the Movers and Shakers column reminds us that Minnesota already is on board with much of the Affordable Health Care Act and just needs to focus on improving so no need to fear what’s coming;  and then take some time to think about “ ‘ New normal’ haunts job recovery”.

William Blazer, oversees GROW MINNESOTA at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.  He shares that the optimistic  picture of growing domestic economy-1 in 4 companies surveyed plan to expand in next two years,  with  business reinvestments through product innovation, new jobs, and expansion , has a downside…a continuing shortage of qualified workers for the available jobs.   

And of course, this supports my continuing thoughts on the need to assess our education system and make some necessary changes.  It was encouraging to hear a qualified workforce is the foundation of strengthening the business environment and improving the lives of all Minnesostans .  That thought is being backed up by dialogs with the companies to determine workforce needs and skills, along with input from students and a thoughtful three step process to move us forward to future growth.   

 When I finished the section, I sat back, and thought once more time, how glad I am to be living in Minnesota!  Hope you have the same reaction. 



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