Healthcare Fact Checks

July 9, 2012

Last week I took a quick 10-questions quiz on line about the contents of the Affordable Care Act.

It seemed pretty easy, so I was not surprised I got 9 of 10 correct – with the 10th being one I answered “don’t know”.    However, in looking at the right answers after the quiz, had I guessed on that 10th one, my instinct would have been correct and I would have scored a perfect 10.

What DID surprise me, however, is that I scored higher than 97% of the thousands and thousands that had also responded.

It was a wake- up call to what a good job of SPIN and MISINFORMATION  has been disseminated  by those opposed…and re-distributed and re-distributed by hundreds and hundreds of self-righteous know-it-alls….none of whom have read it.  Ah yes, they will tell you, who has?  It’s over 2000 pages long.  But of course, that hot air is only an excuse….they only know what they have heard in the SPIN….and somehow have forgotten that grade school exercise of playing “telephone” that demonstrates the  danger of verbal repetition of something that was inaccurate in the first place!   Remember how that message traveled around the circle and came back to the originator unrecognizable as the original thought?  Even kids in grade school  know better than to believe the word-of-mouth.

To these blow-hards I say, if you are so upset about it, you have had several years now to look it over…and surely, over that time, you had sufficient opportunity to read it if you REALLY were interested in what it says.

The bottom line when fact-checked is that the health law if it works as the nonpartisan government analysts expect, will provide more tax relief than tax burden  for middle-income Americans.

As to those that scream “they are using my money” to do this…that argument is used with everything you disagree with and is becoming old.  I wonder what the nay-sayers would say if some of us declared we did not want “our money” used for education and schools; we have no kids – or we do not want “our money” used to provide highways and alternative transportation to the outer ring suburbs and exurbs – after all, we don’t live or work out there; why should we pay?  In other words, it’s an argument that makes no sense and speaks of bullies in the sandbox –yet another childish habit that should be put aside.

I learned early on in my life how to minimize the impact of bullies on the playground and later, how to WIN quietly when playing in the business world with the empty suits so I am so hopeful, that the Affordable Care Act will follow those same principles for success.

But to Obama and the Administration, it reconfirms exactly what the Press have been saying.  The top line CONCEPT is disliked today by over 60% of the population….but 60% also say YES to the individual included elements.  This is a critical issue.  It needs a full –court press to get the country tracking with you – for their own good.


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