May 25, 2012

I was so glad to hear about the upgrade of Southdale now in progress….but a bit concerned, at the same time, to hear the goal is to be competitive with the Mall of America.  But before jumping to conclusions, I reminded myself I did not know in what categories, Southdale is looking to compete.  I can always hope it is simply to update the look, add more shopping options, improve the food and beverage a bit, and become once again the star of the DALES as it once was.

Like many metro residents in my circle of acquaintances, I visited  the MOA for two reasons only….Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdales.  I often contemplated DRIVING between the two anchors so I could be spared the awful experience of actually being INSIDE the place.  But since the MOA driving experience is also a nightmare, it did not seem a good option to move the car after I parked once – until I could escape the area entirely.  

Yes,  I know there are supporters, but MOA to me conjures up a cheap tourist attraction/theme park filled with out-of-state rude tourists and a lot of undressed metro kids.  Yes, there are a lot of stores, but most of  them offer nothing one wants or needs.  No one understands the concept of public courtesy…or the simple “Keep to the Right” rule, and if you meet the hordes as you are trying to traverse, you often are pushed to the side rail and have to wait for the self-important or self-centered to pass.  I will refrain from comments about how they are (un)-dressed; chalking that one up to a “generational” difference.  And I won’t even get into the noise factor, or parking issues created by self –centered drivers that have no concern for holding up car after car behind them, while they wait to see where a departing shopper is headed; then follow them and hold up MORE CARS, as the poor driver rushes to stow packages and kids and stroller so they can vacate their spot before the driver starts screaming profanities.

So now that Bloomingdale’s closed, I have not been back…Even the big Nordstrom’s half-price sale that started this week cannot draw me into that place.  Although I generally use that sale as the one time I shop to update my wardrobe, I am passing this year…the thought of the bad experience that awaits me just in driving rudeness is too much to bear….and I am sure I can convert to an on-line customer for most of my needs!

You may chalk it up to my age, I guess, but one of the many good things about returning to the riverfront to live, is that I have easy access to Rosedale.  (No, the light rail to MOA cannot overcome the bad experience once I get into the complex)

So, until I learn more about what’s in store for Southdale, and  what categories it competes with MOA, I will limit my visits there to parking near the entrance to Macy’s  or Herberger’s – depending on the errand, and  wait and see what develops.  Nonetheless, the plans for the physical renovation, the addition of new stores, and the creation of additional jobs are welcome news.


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