Living the Talk – NEIGHBORLAND

May 5, 2012

Thursday, since I was at Sister Kenney for PT,  I took a mini-break from my normal day and headed over to Whittier to check on the BEFORE I DIE storefront window.  As I turned off 26th onto Stevens, there it was – and a small gathering stood before it – reading the entries and contributing their thoughts in the provided blanks…people empowered to share their thoughts and dreams in public, in their own neighborhood, as part of an arts project!  It was amazing.

And yes, it motivated me to do my part as well – not only to add to the BEFORE I DIE stories, but later, I deviated from my normal daily walk along the river and chose instead, to meander down Nicollet taking in the sights and sounds of an early Farmer’s Market /street food ritual of summers in Minneapolis; and then cut over to Hennepin for an up close and personal stop under the three interactive signs that day and night are asking for input from all of us about our vision for Hennepin Avenue.

Yes, even in my splints, – me – who does not communicate generally via texting, added my own dream for Hennepin Avenue to the input – an intracultural gateway to the riverfront…planned as a permanent gathering for celebrations of all kinds- to the growing list of dreams being assembled as part of Plan It Hennepin, and the Neighborland experience.

And what fun to get an IMMEDIATE reply; thanking me for my idea and encouraging me to check in at the Neighborland site to follow the ensuing discussion.

It made for a great day – although I am sure those other pedestrians I met as I made my way north on Hennepin to the river and home, wondered what in the world was up with that crazy woman  they had just passed – who couldn’t quit smiling!

Keep an eye on those billboards – maybe you will see my idea up in lights and hopefully, you, too, will be motivated to take part in this community effort and will share YOUR thoughts for how we make Hennepin Avenue the cultural corridor of Minneapolis from the Walker to the riverfront!

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