April 29, 2012

I am passionalte about collaboration as the winning direction of the 21st century.  I have spent five years reading, thinking, and testing what that means and how to best make collaborative thinking the standard approach in my world.

So today, I tried to LISTEN impartially to the political discussion on Meet the Press.

And yet, I am sitting here totally stressed- almost sick to my stomach-having just witnessed a microscopic preview of the next six months.

Historically, I know there have been similar times, and we, as a nation, adjusted and grew.

But today at least, I am thinking that the best way to personally survive the next six months is to do as Meet the Press did this morning, when they ended the hour with the focus on the SNL version of the two candidates.

Hopefully, then, I will be able to at least LAUGH about how ridiculous and out of touch with facts and reality this all is!.

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