May 26, 2011

Those of you that know me personally recognize the important role the IRIS – the symbol of HOPE –  plays in my world.

I have a guest bathroom filled with irises…my bedroom walls are hung with iris images – from Monet’s “Field of Irises” to a needlework collection of flowers hanging above the bed with the iris front and center; I often sport an iris pin when I am out and about; and from April to mid June, my home is decorated with irises from living room to dining room to kitchen….in preparation for a regular June visit to the IRIS GARDENS north of the metro area.  And through-out the year, every time I pick up my phone, the luscious blues and purples of my iris wallpapered home screen remind me to remain optimistic.

For me, the IRIS is the counter-weight to balance out a tendency to fall off that cliff of hope into the valley of depression – a state of mind so hard to climb back out of.

So with all that emphasis on hope surrounding me, one would think that it would not have taken me until this week to apply the correlation between hope vs. fear – to the political world we live in today

From Clinton’s roots in Hope, Alabama, to Obama’s Campaign of HOPE that led to the White House –as a moderate with left leanings, I generally relate to the Democratic view of the world……but only Tuesday when I read the STRIB – did I recognize hope as the counter-balance not only to depression but to the FEAR tactics of the far and mid-right Republicans. In her column that day, Gail Rosenblum labeled this state legislative year as the Year of Fear, and so much of that fear was unfounded. As I reviewed the list that forms the legacy of the 2011 MN Legislature, I could not agree more. 

Although elected to address the budget shortfall and temporary fiscal fixes that Pawlenty left behind in his wake, our Republican legislators instead, stuck to rhetoric and chose to lead by fear. 

“Rampant home intruders who should be shot.  Fraudulent voters who must be stopped.  Same-sex couples whose simple desire to love and be loved somehow threatens that right for others….a gun bill designed  to expand citizens’ ability to use deadly force in self-defense…” and this addresses our state’s troubled financial issues how?

  These people need a big bouquet of irises – it might help them find their way through this scary and threatening world in which they think we live.

Why, also on Tuesday, the fear I had been wrestling with that perhaps our summer work project would allude us was proven unfounded.  We learned we would move forward as partners with CRV to create the CRV Exposition. 

Watch for more in the Fall, when long after the delicate papery blooms that inspire me have disappeared…CRV employees will return to campus…Spreading Hope. 

I’m sure the world of irises that surround me right now had something to do with making that come to fruition!

One comment

  1. Cheryl, I have a garden bouquet of irises on my kitchen table – I will look at them differently tonight, thanks. JMT

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