March 26, 2011

I’ve sent my kudos to Leslie Larson and her team who took some risks, thought out of the box, and changed things up. Their great efforts produced a Star Awards that worked well. I’ve sent my thanks to two key vendor partners that could not be recognized because they are not ISES members (MCC and Kelber Catering); and now I have unpacked the three crystal symbols that represent the recognition I received for my part in the production of the CRV Experience 2010.  They look good up on the shelf with the “I AM CRV” team picture and the framed set of CRV buttons!

All in all, the CRV Experience received five Star Awards:  Best Corporate Event over $75,000; Best Event Décor and Design; Best Creative Design; Best Technical; and the one I most wished for, Best ISES Team.  That one alone made it all worthwhile. 

One last time (in the context of CRV 2010 at least) I will say again: this was a group of people that were melded together by trust and respect for one another.   They committed to the CRV Experience-driven by the possibility of delivering excellence.  In the course of ten weeks, we invented new best practices to raise the bar in our industry and together, we proved through collaboration we can change the event world and how it “rethinks”.   Along the way, we verified that needs-based creativity produces value.  Best of all, we produced an interactive learning experience that drove results for our client.   And there is nothing better than that.  I confess had we not been recognized for that team effort, I would have been devastated.

I had not anticipated the number of people that would personally seek us out to give us a word of congratulations, and I wondered why I have never thought to so overtly do that myself in other settings. 

That unsolicited peer recognition to me seemed so much more powerful than the organizational recognition.  It rated right up there with Shelly Elmore from TCB casually sharing that the whole magazine was abuzz since they featured the article in March about Boston Scientific and how great it was they have taken the lead in using new formats of meetings to engage employees and get two-way conversations going with BSCI leadership.

So it seemed to me I had battled the funk and won…that is, until Kim and Marilee came to say goodbye and closed the book on this chapter.  I was quickly engulfed again in the black cloud and had to make an early exit from the festivities.  Later, safely at home and enjoying a celebratory snifter of Remy Martin, it occurred to me that perhaps I had blamed the tradition of awards and recognition celebrations in error for my gloominess earlier in the day…could it be that I was just dreading saying goodbye to the two best client contacts I have every worked with?

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