March 24, 2011

…will bring no more positive visibility or influence on the nation and the world than he did on Minnesota as Governor. Thank goodness the STRIB in their March 23 editorial finally took a stand on this man.  And two Letters to the Editor today raised some very good additional points.

Yup, he is a native son; yup, he is a nice guy…Yup, that’s about all the good I can find to say about him. Sometimes one thinks we should be so lucky to have had the crazy Jesse Ventura back instead of allowing the havoc wrecked upon our state by Tim happen…at least Jesse surrounded himself with an administration of good, effective people that had the state’s interest in mind while he pursued his own  personal agenda.

Yes, despite his coyness on “will I run for President/won’t I run for President” I believe T-Paw has had a PERSONAL agenda ever foremost in mind since the day he declared he would run for governor.

WHY doesn’t someone in the national press connect the dots?  Remember when Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman were BOTH running for Senator from Minnesota? And then came the secret phone call from Dick Cheney? And all of a sudden, T-Paw dropped out of that race and refocused.  He’d rather be Governor – isn’t that a more accepted route to the US Presidency?  Am I the only one in the country that thinks some promises were made in that phone call that captivated Pawlenty  – that charming hockey player from South St. Paul?    Unfortunately for Tim, (and lucky for the world), Cheney did not remain on the top as kingmaker after the Bush selection and his manipulation to become the VP.  Fortunately he was exposed for what he was.  Remember a prediction of a $5 trillion surplus by 2010 that turned into a $5 trillion deficit under Bush?  Along with that don’t forget Pawlenty at the same time managed the state of Minnesota into a $5 billion problem under his watch.  I shutter when I let my brain go down that “what if” he had his way nationally path!

Before anyone crowns Tim Pawlenty the heir-apparent, please dig into what promises were made.  Take a look at the state of our state over the last eight years.  Take a look at Minnesota’s Itaska Project led by top Minnesota CEOs and ask yourself why they feel “a sense of drifting away from the highest standards of excellence” and are once again stepping in to fill a leadership gap.  Yes, their goals tend to focus on creating a world class education program and improving the financial fitness of our state.  And now they have moved up to the plate by taking on an initiative to encourage new business to move to Minnesota. Sounds to me like T-Paw was not the answer to business here at home; how will he be that on a national level?

Think about the consequences to the country if we let ourselves be led by this “nice guy”.  George Bush was a “nice guy” too.   Or am I just missing the strategic plan here?  Perhaps even the GOP recognizes Cheney’s choice for coronation second time around could lead to another repeat of the Bush era – IF there was a chance of winning. Maybe they are ok with offering T-Paw up as fodder while they move to consolidate their efforts to take back the White House in 2016.  No sense wasting a viable candidate in 2012.

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