December 21, 2010

…with continued forecasts of rain and warnings of flash floods!

How strange to be here in the 24 hour city at the Solstice-generally at home, a time of celebration for me as I know the darkness and short days of the autumn are behind us and for the next six months, each day, a little more sun will shine in our lives.

Instead, here I am….in the newest contribution to the LAS skyline-now opened and functioning for just one week.  And what do I think?  It certainly fits the mold of the glitz of Las Vegas ….a several stories high acrylic chandelier as a centerpiece, with shining marble and clean modern urban lines – accented by artwork everywhere and of course, throngs of people from every walk of life….together with the inescapable sounds of gaming, it certainly proclaims like a new babe – I am here and I want attention! And attention it is getting as the place is sold out.

Like all toddlers, it is learning as it goes…we climbed a lot of stairs yesterday in this vertical hotel, up and down and up and down, and still no sighting of that one freight elevator….but out of that merged a glimmer of a vision of what the Poolside Tuesday night Party will be, and lots of good conversation about how to incorporate new food trends and entertainment…it is an event shaping up as one not to be missed!

Today it’s logistics from beginning to end with the hotel and Freeman from check in, registration and bussing to room sets for general sessions and breakouts…maybe when we get to the dock, we will finally find that freight elevator and can RIDE it up to see where it makes its appearance on every floor!

The rest of the team is safely ensconced in the East Tower while, a late arrival, I am at the opposite end of the property in the West Tower – and one that I think has not had quite the shakedown and attention…I have no materials anywhere in this place on the hotel or its layout – so each venture out, starts with reviewing the website…not really too effective, but eventually I get to a touchscreen someplace in a public area that directs me were I want to go, and I find my way.  But why don’t I have a mini bar with at LEAST water?  Instead I have two lonely beers sitting in an empty fridge but a couple dirty dishes in the dishwasher and a family-size microwave.   Yes, a sitting room where this morning I did finally discover, the flat screen is NOT mounted on the wall, but can be pulled out to be enjoyed while lounging on the velveteen three-sectional couch, a kitchen but no coffee or directions on how to use this new Intazza coffee-maker.  No hair dryer, no iron, no door that locks! Oh my…that has been a little scary…the exact opposite from my balcony – where I can’t UNLOCK the door to get out for a little fresh air. But all the missing items are forgiven when I see the greatest bathroom suite I have ever encountered….with a fab shower and, time-permitting, what will be a great asset during the conference – a wonderful soaking tub.  Have I mentioned this is a progressive hotel – or at least I think it is.  Near as I can tell, internet access is free.  In case you think I am in a suite, no, this is simply the standard double bedded room!

 Through-out the property, the staff is still being trained, but very friendly and helpful when they do have the answers…and last night, we had a fabulous experience eating wonderful tapas, visiting with Chef Jose, and enjoying some great people-watching.  One couldn’t ask for a better three hours – filled with friends, good food and laughter.   But really, some of the shoes were just a TAD too high-heeled, and some of the skirts were a TAD too short….although, I know, it’s VEGAS!

So, I am off, armed with Ryan’s questions about the room in which he will produce the two general sessions, and host of questions I have myself….to find the rest of the team at the “circle of dogs” on the second floor.  Now, that is NOT on the website…so hopefully they will be barking to lead me to them and the start of another productive day on this site visit!

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