December 16, 2010

Last night I listened in amazement to news commentators question why TIME named Mark Zuckerberg PERSON OF THE YEAR…not because they questioned the impact of Facebook on our lives, but because he was so young…and weren’t there older people that should have been honored?  Really?

We talk daily about the exponentially changing world in which we live and what that means…do we really think that growth is driven by Boomers for goodness sake?

So I say “hat’s off “ to TIME – and to anyone reading this over 35 years old, my message is: get over it and move on.  Worthwhile ideas that change the world most likely will come from Millenials and younger, so act your age and let it go.  You might learn something.

And speaking of amazing, I was reminded once again of another amazing practice that still is followed, despite the emphasis on clean air, pollution, no-fragrance policies  in the workplace, CSR policies, and just general awareness of food and smell allergies. 

This morning, when I leaned down to pick up my paper at 5AM, I immediately sneezed.  Before I even dissembled the bundle of papers, I knew…somewhere lurking within would be a poisonous perfume advertisement.  And sure enough, Macy’s “Believe” was the polluting culprit.

After I carefully recovered it, sealed it in a bag and disposed of it, I sat down with coffee and paper and once again thought, “I am amazed”.  Why in the world do we continue to tolerate this dangerous and disruptive marketing practice?  We’ve been talking clean air since the 70s, folks-you’d think by now, we would have eliminated this.  Or isn’t anyone but me impacted by this selfishness?

And finally, I read with amazement yesterday that employment opportunities for meetings and event planners are expected to grow at a rate of 16% over the next decade or so – faster than the average of all professions.  This was attributed to the growing importance of meetings in increasingly global companies.  Say what?  What happened to all those industry complaints and whining over the last 2-3 years …or was that just a good cover-up?  Here I thought I was the only one that had the two best years in the two decades since I founded Creative Events. It’s amazing….isn’t it?

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