December 9, 2010

Perhaps it was just the mood I was in…but my copy of the December/January Issue of Event Solutions Magazine  that arrived last week is filled with my notations from cover-to-cover.  Notations of things that are new to me that will support my events and help me convey a client’s message; notations through-out a feature called Trend Report that were indeed new trends…”moving with the culture”…immersive…augmented reality…maturialism…next-besting…social gaming; a great use of QR codes; a feature on Jeremy Gutsche whom I just recently added as a personal source on emerging trends; a right-on column by our friend Steve Simmons on the New Digital Learning Environment; some good suggestions from Lara McCullough-Carter on connecting and of course, Ryan’s Design Column was fun, as many of the things he suggested were things that he, Chris and I have experimented with here in our market that yielded great results for our clients!  I finished the magazine smiling.

In interest of disclosure, yes, I sit on the magazine’s Advisory Board, and have been watching in the background as the magazine is being transformed through new ownership and leadership to meet the needs of the emerging world of events in the 21st century. 

Oh yes, like life itself, there are some things in the issue I shook my head at-and added to my list of “Is there a way to work on that”…but overall, I think this issue moved Event Solutions from a “brag book” and industry ads (both elements needed and welcome) to a magazine with a promise to us all that it is a source for new ideas that will help move our industry forward. So my congrats to all the staff involved – “ya done good” and please, keep on pushing the envelope!

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