November 30, 2010

Today’s the big test – the Republicans have dinner at the White House.  Let it not become a second “Day of Infamy” in our country’s history, but instead, a baby step forward into the 21st century and a new world of innovation, interaction, and collaboration.

I fear it won’t, however, as politics continues to trump service to the people on both sides. And worse,  to stir the pot in this crisis, we have the press – ever-ready as the judges-unfortunately using “history” and 20th century expertise to support their antiquated evaluation process.  And while they pontificate, they do not seem to recognize they have sacrificed their historical contribution and have become puppets and angry voices of the divisive culture in which we all find ourselves.

Stephen Wilbers furnished some great food for thought yesterday in his Strib column entitled “Conflict Resolution Doesn’t Have to Mean Compromise”. For the details, check it out online if you missed it, but the last paragraph sums it up and harkens back to a leadership theory I learned and tried to practice way back in the mid 1970s:

WIN-WIN Solutions…maybe we should forget about compromise, which suggests letting go of values, and concentrate on consensus, which suggests holding on to shared beliefs.

As I read that, I couldn’t help but muse about appropriate applications in my professional life as well.  I often feel our own industry, not just the politics of the country, is at a crossroads that one could view as a potential rift.

If you routinely follow this blog, you know I have moved from tentatively experimenting with collaboration in the development of experiential events to sometimes questioning whether I’ve crossed the line and become a zealot – shutting out all value of other viewpoints.

So this article was a good reminder for me and for others who become self-righteous in the protection of our own values- it is not about who is right, worked harder, or who has a greater following supporting one’s modus operandi – it is about exploring together where we share commonalities so we all emerge better for it as we strive to deliver value to our audience.

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