November 13, 2010

This year, a wonderful opportunity in my professional life meant I missed summer– not a good thing for a Minnesotan who always thinks the worst – 2 months of summer and 10 months of winter and cold. Even though we know better, for some reason, we buy into that myth. Fortunately for me, Autumn is my favorite time of year and we have had a spectacular one – with temperatures in the high sixties and green grass out my window just yesterday. 

But just so I did not get too giddy, health issues became the number one topic of discussion in my family.  I’ve had them myself, spending hours and hours and lots of dollars with medical attention for my eye problems (now all resolved, I think and am happy to report).  Added to the normal mental letdown   and inability to focus and move forward that sometimes come after a major project, the eye crisis was a hard one.  But at the same time, my brothers and a sister have had health concerns; and my brother-in-law has had more than his share-which means it has not been easy for my younger sister either.  And neighbors and friends have had health issues.  There have been times that only the weather kept me in check from surrendering to that awful lurking depression we in the family call the “Kranz Disease”.

But in our world of checks and balances, my neighbor, after a massive heart attack, lung collapse and a small stroke suffered almost three weeks ago has emerged from a coma, is starting to move limbs, is alert and was moved yesterday from ICU to another hospital to begin rehab…and a good friend’s sister in crisis in Chile after an accident that damaged three sides of her head, has survived the roller coaster ride of early recovery, setbacks, and first thoughts of removing life support;  the news yesterday was “a month to walk; a year to full recovery.”

And today, with just two weeks to Thanksgiving, I awoke to the glory of a silent winter arrival, where moist , fluffy snow quietly is dumped from above onto the world below – piling several inches on each tree branch and twig, wrapping the world in white. I stood on my porch, a steaming cappuccino in hand and marveled at the how peaceful and calming it was. No howling wind of a blizzard, simply a quiet announcement from Mother Nature that the seasons were changing-get ready.

I was grateful I have been getting ready – new coat, new boots, new winter hat – and the slow emergence of holiday decorations through out my house – just in time for my first Holiday Gathering on November 18 – to welcome the Nuevo Beaujolais! 

I’m good now until January when thoughts will turn longingly to Spring.  The cycle is comforting – more checks and balances.

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