ELECTION IRONY (with Nov 6 postscript)

October 30, 2010

The MN 2008 Senatorial Elections were “too close to call” leading to a recount.  One party won; one lost…and was sure that the recount was mishandled.  Remember the process?  Each candidate had a representative watching, verifying and challenging.  It took forever; and from it rose the slogan – “We are Not Florida”…and yet, human nature I guess, the losing party was not satisfied. 

A neutral entity reviewed that recount process, agreed with the recount results and reconfirmed that we have a voting model well-deserving of being considered one of best in the country and we all thought we could move on.  Not so fast…the losing party was not satisfied. 

Out of all the angst, I felt we, as Minnesotans, had won – not necessarily because of the winner named, but because we did find discrepancies and short-comings in our voting system, and have over the last two years, moved to correct and tighten the process. Is it perfect? Probably not.  Is it still worthy of being a model for the rest of the country?  Probably.

Not so fast.    Our friends on the right – you know, those proponents of less is more in terms of government oversight and involvement? They are still whining today that the system is broken.  They continue to advocate for more and better oversight.   Just like they don’t want Medicare touched…Just like they expect immediate action from government in time of crisis.  You know, fix the economy NOW…create jobs lost over five years NOW…fix the oil spill NOW…give Minnesota flood relief NOW. But I digress.

LET IT GO MY FRIENDS!  Al won, Norm lost; the world did not end.  We really don’t need polling parking lots filled on Tuesday with weeping repos trying to get in as official challengers to observe and make sure our voting system is honest.  Get over it and put an end to this nonsense. There will be another senatorial election; its just a couple years away.  You’ll get another chance.

Or am I missing the point?  Maybe the issue is not oversight – is it simply that they object that “We Are Not Florida”???!!

NOV 6 Update:  Little did I know we were headed to a repeat!  And yet I don’t regret voting for collaboration rather than the extremes of right or left.  In fact, I had to chuckle as I heard Republicans continuing to rage about fraud and recounts and their target for blame became Tom Horner!  Without Tom Horner, Emmer would have won you know, because all those votes were misdirected Repos. 

More important, I am convincing myself, that yes, the Minnesota Republicans wish they lived in Florida.

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