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August 31, 2010

WE DID IT…and what a rewarding experience we had along the way! Little did I know last May when we embarked on this journey, that I would disappear from the world as I knew it for three months as we followed a pathway to create a new world with an event that I have come to think of as the pinnacle of my career.

We began with a need, supported by our conviction that it was time to throw out old paradigms and embrace the 21st century thinking of collaboration, interaction, and engagement wholeheartedly in order to achieve real listening, learning, and change.

As I look at the initial concept presentation, I am amazed that we were able to so clearly define a revolutionary plan and execute it almost in its entirety as we grew from a small nucleus of two to a base team of 20-supported by facilitators, technicians and crews that swelled our ranks to over 150 on event day.

Was it easy? Not so much. Was it worth it? You betcha!

There is almost nothing better than a team that came together with a purpose to support one of the best clients I have had the pleasure to work with, all wrapped up in excited and engaged participants, an executive team of “believers”, and future plans to continue the dialogs and conversations that began in the CRV Experience. Add to that, new friendships, four great articles in the Strib and Pioneer Press within three days, interested national trade press, and the immeasurable things we all learned from each other along the way, and you have what I would call a winner.

More to come, I am sure, over the days ahead, but two other clients who have waited patiently on the sideline so I could take full advantage of this opportunity are now demanding the attention they deserve-and they want it NOW.

So suffice it to say that we were given a glimpse of what our event world can be and do. I hope never to revisit those old paradigms of the 20th century again. I wish the same sense of accomplishment and euphoria to all of you.