March 30, 2010

March has been a whirlwind of learning opportunities that has my mind stuffed full of new ways of looking at things and new discoveries of experts in many fields in which I am interested- from experiential events to new trends in connectivity and community; from better means of communication and education to the efforts taking place in our industry to clearly define what event design is and means. After all, who knew that Twitter is about to (or has) peaked in effectiveness; and will fade away at some point to make room for emerging new social media such as Foursquare and Gowalla? Books, magazines, blogs, and stacks of paper surround me, just waiting for me to give some quality thought to each so that Creative Events and I can continue to evolve and provide value in a world of event production that is changing exponentially by the day.

This morning, the latest Trend Briefing (see http://www.trendbriefing.com) caught my attention with its current brief – “Brand Butlers”. I read that serving is the new selling; our job is to assist customers to make the most of their daily lives versus an out-dated model of broadcasting and selling them new lifestyles and identities. Although Trend Briefing is consumer-based, I always discover some application that applies to business to business transactions, and how we can assist our clients to better connect with their consumer audience. And so I read on.

After a reminder to define our own brand essence and understand that of our client’s, the article moved to creating the ideal Brand Butler Omnipresence that mixes being there when customers want you to be there and pleasantly surprising them with your presence when they least expect it – through both online and off-line activities. And then page after page, example after example, I saw how companies around the world have developed and demonstrated service to their customers – in eight major service categories of Transparency/”In the Know”, Saving Money, Finding, Connectivity, Health, Skills and advice, Eco, and Tools and Amenities. Little did I know that I and my clients were so far behind!

The scope of this was initially daunting, but as with most trend briefs, I was then directed back to Opportunities and how I could capitalize on this – one of the most important branding trends currently out there.

And so another project is added to the To-Do piles but I know what I already gleaned will “percolate” for a while and then I will be able to find the right application to make CEK and me more valuable to my clients. If you are not a follower of Trendwatching, check it out and subscribe (no cost).

You’ll soon understand why I get frustrated when our industry insists on focusing only on the surface of color trends and furniture style when there are so many impactful trends that support our efforts to provide value and make a difference to our clients.


  1. Your blog posts offer mentorship on demand. Good writing/reading as always. I might suggest including some direct hotlinks to your references for those of us that want to trace back a little deeper.

    • Thanx for prod to TRY AGAIN to make it work (inserting hot link) . You have no idea how many times I have tried to do this…to no avail so finally just gave up. HOWEVER, just tried it again on draft of blog about the new venue and by golly I think it worked. Of course, my brain tells me I did EXACTLY the same things I have tried before, but obviously, either I didn’t, or you just charmed it to work!

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