March 22, 2010

Forgive the Alice in Wonderland reference, but that is exactly what I feel like today–What a whirlwind last week was or maybe it’s just the impact of the coming of Spring and the experience of that last 14 inches of leftover snow disappearing from the courtyard in just a few days!

While still basking a bit in the inspiration gained by attending Catersource/Event Solutions, accolades for Ryan and his awards night vision, and trying to structure some thoughts on “where do we go from here” for consideration of the show owners, I started another set of classes at Hennepin Tech, juggled proposal development for three potential new clients, “lunched” a lot to catch up with industry colleagues, took a break for some quality time with a couple dear friends on Saturday, was extended- and accepted- an invitation to sit on the Advisory Board for Event Solutions, enjoyed dinner at La Belle Vie with my niece (what a treat- thanks again, Julie!) and still had a few anxious moments here and there as I observed the countdown to the passing of the healthcare bill.

And, in my spare time, I checked on the perfect outfit for the Latin American theme for the upcoming Star Awards, learned it was sold while I was gone, and convinced myself that some new combination of what was hanging in the closet would just have to do for my appearance at “Ritmo Caliente” this coming Friday night…as time to plan or learn the cha-cha had disappeared!

But best of all, I made an invigorating pilgrimage to the central riverfront to bask in the full power of the Mississippi River. I stood for a half hour on the Stone Arch Bridge, mesmerized by the river – filled to its banks with raging white caps, sun shining through the mist from the turbulence and the pale rainbows promising hope and good fortune. I returned home to the ‘burbs- inspired once again with that gift of living light the river always bestows upon me.

I got up this morning exhausted!

So for the rest of the day, I will gather and organize my thoughts on innovative things I heard and learned last week to help weather the continuing impact of this recession and will check back in tomorrow!

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