March 3, 2010

As I write this, I am up to my ears in detail….as I finish drafts of the Ops Manual for the Spotlight Awards at the Catersource/Event Solutions Conference and Trade Show next week – being produced by Ryan Hanson of BeEvents. As always, it is a pleasure to work with Ryan and this experience is certainly no exception. However, I have just received 13 e-mails from him in the last 90 minutes!

We are in a spectacular new venue – the recently-opened Mandarin Oriental Hotel- with great collaborative support from national and international sponsors and event vendors. From a fall lunch discussion at the Edina Grill about the need to celebrate the work and not the celebrity of the nominees, Ryan has taken the awards event to a new level – so far, fun for us, and hopefully fun and inspiring to all the Spotlight Awards attendees. The old rules have been put aside, our guests have selected not only the award winners, but what drinks and desserts will be served. We’ll have bloggers on site, and guests will be encouraged to tweet – so you can have a virtual ring-side seat to all that is happening on Monday night if you wish.

So I am off on Friday to my-not-so-favorite city of Las Vegas to help with a normally-not-so-favorite kind of event, not having heard a single time “That’s the way we always do it “. How wonderful. After observing the team at work “Putting It Together”, I expect the results will be spectacular.

More to come later, I am sure.

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